Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend in London

Two weeks ago, we were able to spend the weekend in London. Scott was preaching in two churches so it just made sense to head up there on the Saturday. We stopped by and surprised my grandma at her restaurant in Mississauga on the way out. Both of the boys decided that they want to go there for their birthdays…  My cooking cannot compare.

photo (36)

We got to London and checked into the hotel where we were staying in a “family suite.” I don’t know that they make family suites large enough for our family! I meant to take a picture of all the kids sleeping, but Lily decided to party until 11pm and then I fell asleep shortly after! The triplets and Ella shared a pull out couch; Keona slept on the floor with extra blankets and pillows; and the boys slept on arm chairs and the foot of the couch. It was quite the scene! But- they LOVED it. They also loved the basket waiting in the hotel room for us! The Powless’ had prepared a basket full of goodies for our family and it was such a blessing! The kids munched all night and first thing the next morning!


While in London, we shopped at the mall. We ate in the food court… there was a 12 seat table in the middle of the food court that we decided to make good use of. Each of the kids chose where they wanted to eat, and we somehow managed to get everyone their meals and eat together!

 photo (35)

I’m pretty sure they were trying to decide whether to have dessert at the mall or grab some later on cause we were all so full!

We shopped at Old Navy, where Scott bought Keona a pair of wedge heels. I’m pretty sure that she’s going to break an ankle. She may prove me wrong…

We played in the park…



Sunday, we went to church in the morning, and then joined them for a picnic lunch. That afternoon, the kids did their verses and sang, Scott preached, and I cuddled someone elses’ sleeping toddler in the nursery! I went down to take care of my grumpy baby but when I got down there, she decided that she didn’t need me after all. Being in the same room was sufficient. The people at Lighthouse were such a blessing to our family. The kids had a blast and made new friends once again…

Sunday night, we rushed over to another church, where we were able to present our ministry and Scott preached. It was nice to see old friends. At the end of the service when Scott started to pray, I could hear a baby screaming in the nursery. Not just crying… but ‘losing it’ screaming. I wasn’t sure if it was mine- but after her lack of sleep the night before, I didn’t doubt it. While everyone was praying, I quietly packed up my stuff and started to stand up when Ella noticed and said, “Mom! Where are you going?!” She is definitely not my most discreet child.

We stopped on the drive home to grab some food and a very miserable Ella finally conked out in the backseat of the van. We were slightly relieved because she had been fighting with her brothers in the van and just all round tired and grumpy!


The kids had been disappointed that we couldn’t stay in London for fireworks, but we got to see the fireworks of at least 5 different cities on the drive home!

While we drove by a spectacular display, one of the girls said, “Oh! We have to wake Ella up to see this!”

photo (34)

To which Scott quickly interjected, “No you DON’T wake up that little troll!”

Then we heard a little voice from the back say, “I AM AWAKE, Dad…”

Haha! Thankfully, she didn’t seem too offended! :P


A few minutes after the fireworks died down, Jeddy said, “Best day ever!” and everyone fell asleep 20 minutes from home…

While traveling with kids can be stressful, exhausting, and loud at times- I am so thankful that God has given us the opportunity to make so many fun memories together as a family this summer!



Oh, and yes… it was my baby freaking out in the nursery… :)

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