Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 31


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1. Charity, with her new bike! All three of the triplets wanted big-ticket items for their birthday this year. All three of them asked everyone for money towards said items. So, this past week I got to take them out shopping to pick out their birthday gifts. Talk about fun! We went to Toys ‘R Us for the bike and the sales lady found it hilarious how the other two girls were trying to tell Charity which bike suited her best. After 15 minutes of going back and forth with the bikes, she finally decided on one. I mentioned that we also needed a new helmet and the lady said, “How about this one? “ To which Charity immediately replied, “Nope. Too pink!” That’s my girl… I often forget what a tomboy I use to be…

2. Eve with her new camera! She has been waiting a long time for her very own camera. I must say, I am quite relieved that she won’t be trying to take mine all the time anymore! She has already filled a memory card and can’t wait to blog her pictures. Eve, is an easy shopper. She bought the first one she looked at. She begged her brothers and sisters to model for her, but no one was interested. Fortunately for Eve- Lily couldn’t object. :) She had captured a really cute candid moment of Lily and I and she was super proud of it- until she accidentally deleted it! Poor girl, was not impressed with herself. Live and learn. I know how she feels!

3. Prayer, with her flute! After having to wait 20 minutes in the store for the “flute lady”, and then go out to the van to feed Lily… She finally got to choose one. About 2 years ago, Prayer asked for a flute. We told her to work on her piano and prove her diligence through that instrument first. And so she did. Last year, she once again asked for a flute. We bought her a recorder and said to practice with that because with the move and new baby- money was tight. And so she did. This girl, can play the recorder. I never imagined that I would actually enjoy listening to someone play the recorder- but she has mastered it. So this year, we bought her the flute. After half an hour of trying to figure out how to get sound out of it… she is on her way.

4. Lily’s 8 month shot. She will not sit still anymore unless I bribe her with something. Here, she is chewing on my lens cap like it’s a cookie! At 8 months she is army crawling, hands and knees crawling sometimes, standing up if she can get a good grip, falling, a lot… saying “Dada!” at 3 in the morning when he comes in from work, and saying, “Tac! Tac!” every time a cat goes by (she may be dyslexic… haha) Still no “Mama” yet! She has started making funny faces and waving bye bye. She still eats everything! No teeth yet. Still wakes up in the middle of the night to nurse. She refuses to cuddle during the night, but sleeps soundly in her crib. She loves her blankie. She is getting big so fast…

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  1. what cool stories about each girl. I hope they all enjoy their presents


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