Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 30


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1. Happy 8 month baby girl!!! She has been so much happier this week. She is all over the place now! Crawling, climbing, standing, falling… She is falling A LOT lately. Even though she can do all these things, and quickly- she loses her balance a lot still. The other day, I was feeding her and she was looking the other way. I kept calling her and I was wondering why she was ignoring me, when one of the girls said, “You mean LILY, Mom???” I had been calling “Ella” over and over again.

2. Every morning, I wake up to the boys in our room playing with Lily through the crib. Elijah, loves to make her laugh.

3. This past Sunday, our meeting was cancelled so we went to visit a friend’s church. It’s always nice when friends feel like family. That’s what this church is like. Ella and Lily were the only ones in the nursery so I sat in there with them and listened to the service over the monitor. We had no toys or books to play with, but Ella managed to find some paper in my purse. Unfortunately, I had no pen! So, we made origami paper cranes instead. Paper cranes and paper balloons! Then, she asked for a teacher, cause she wanted a story… I can do that! So then I made up crazy stories that she found hilarious for a little while. She was such a good girl.

4. Lily’s first self-portrait!

Haha… the girls play Veggie Tales for her on my phone, so she now tries to grab it every chance she gets!

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