Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 29


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1. The week of the birthday parties…

The triplets and Keona, decided to share the date for their parties this year. We had a total of 19 girls here on a Friday night! I had set up my camera on the tripod, and given the girls the remote. Eve was testing it for me.

2. I’m not quite sure what Charity had done- but it doesn’t look like her sister’s are very happy with  her! Haha! We are NOT a violent family at all. OK… so we are. But all in good fun! Honest.

3. The older girls. They painted nails, drank lattes, and took 200 pictures on my camera. This was one of the only normal ones I could find! :P

The boys went over to a friend’s house for the night and Scott went to the batting cages. None of them were interested in hanging around! Surprisingly, the night went pretty smoothly. I don’t know that I would ever voluntarily do it again… but it was fun!

4. A leftover lemon-blueberry cupcake and my new favourite CD. I think that I like it so much because all four girls have alto voices and I can sing along. Usually, I can only sing the men’s parts! :P

This Sunday, we were in Barrie and it was a crazy day. My sunflowers were all blown down in a storm. Elijah’s breathing was acting up and he was wheezing horribly. I was afraid that we were going to have to go to the ER that night. Lily, was exhausted and grumpy. I was incredibly nervous playing an electric piano in front of so many people… Just a few minutes into service, one of the ushers came to tell me that they needed me in the nursery. Not knowing if Lily was just upset, freaking out, or hurt… I wanted to go check on her- but I was supposed to be playing for the girls to sing at any moment. Scott and I were whispering back and forth, and finally decided that I’d go and if I wasn’t back in time they could just do the presentation without the song. As I went to walk out, a lady that we’ve only met a few times walked up to me and said, “You stay. I’ll go get her.” She told me afterwards that she had seen us whispering and figured out what was going on. As I sat at the piano, praying that I would make it through the song, I could see her at the back of the auditorium playing with Lily. Lily. adored her.

At a moment when I was about to break down and cry from something that seems so small right now, but had just piled on top of everything else that day- this lady listened to the Holy Spirit and was a huge blessing to us- far more than she knew.

That I would always obey when God speaks… That I would always be prepared to hear, when He would use me.

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