Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Week 28


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1. Grocery shopping = one of my least favourite things to do. Scott coming along makes it slightly more bearable… Throw in a grumpy baby- and we’re right back where we started! She wasn’t too bad this time. :) But over $300 and two shopping carts later, she didn’t feel like sitting through checkout!

2. This past Sunday, we were at Oma’s church in Newmarket. Keona, wore her new heels…

3. Lily, wasn’t impressed. What else is new? This was a week of on and off fevers and she was mis-er-a-ble! We may have, possibly, let the kids feed her bits of banana muffin after the service to keep her happy. All went well. During Scott’s preaching we could hear banging on the nursery windows and Scott joked that one of our kids was trying to break out. Still don’t know if it was ours! On the way home, we stopped at McDonalds for $1 drinks and we waited at the drive-thru for a long time. Scott joked with the employee that an apple pie would make it worth the wait. The employee kind of laughed, and then said, “Are you serious?” So Scott said, “Well, yeah!” Haha… So we got free apple pies! Keona thought it was hilarious that Scott would suggest it. Ask, and ye shall receive! :)

4. My daisies are in full bloom. Every morning I go outside and look at all the flowers with Jeddy. The daisies, are by far, my favourite. Scott must have noticed that because he bought me a huge new pot of them. I have daisies in all of my back gardens now. They are a daily reminder to me of God’s goodness. I’m so thankful for our home.

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