Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Week 27


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1. Prayer on a swing in London.

2. Keona came to stand in the perfect light for me. Unfortunately, all the kids were dirty and sweaty from playing in the park- so I couldn’t take full advantage of it. But my girl is gorgeous! After this, she went right back to swinging and jumping off at the highest point. Pretty and slightly insane…

3. Me and Lily… She was getting tired and grumpy. Jeddy and I walked around the track with her stroller several times but she wasn’t impressed. Nothing that Mommy and her blankie can’t fix!

4. Scott, locking the van just as Keona tries to open the door- over and over again! It was pretty funny to watch! Almost as funny as when we locked him out while he was folding the stroller up… ;)

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