Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 26



1-3. Lily’s 7 month photos… or photo attempts, anyhow! She would NOT sit still for her pictures. :) In the third one, you can see her new smile… haha! My baby is finally getting teeth and she makes that face all the time now. I figure her gums must be feeling strange.

Lily says, “Da-da” on a daily basis now. We were at the park and when Scott came walking towards us she whispered, “Da. Da,” as she smiled at him. She also says it every morning in bed with us while she slaps his back, and at night when she wants him to take her out of her crib! She’s a smartie!

4. Phone pic of the kids at Heber Downs… You know, the place where my child fell off a downed-tree, into a river, and I laughed at her… In my defence, the scream, flailing arms, and then splash- was straight out of an Anne of Green Gables movie and it. was. hilarious. I love you Evie-kins!

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