Thursday, July 12, 2012

Laughing & Crying

Here, we have Ella’s very first experience on a roller coaster.
Just for the record, that is NOT me, her mother, laughing in the background the entire time…:P
My first roller coaster ride was “The Bat”… My aunt thought that I’d never go on another ride again.
This year, I rode “Leviathan” with Keona! :) Actually, I rode it by myself. Keona, Robbie, Sarah, and Adam rode together, so I rode with three strangers. Cause they’re nice to me like that…
Another successful trip to Canada’s Wonderland!
And here, we have Lily laughing at her crazy sister! I had asked Prayer to keep her entertained while I got ready for church- this is what she came up with…

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  1. Those videos are amazing I watched them both like three times! I love my hilarious family!


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