Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday!




…seems like yesterday.

When I had three potty-training, VeggieTale-watching, pigtail-wearing, sippy cup-drinking toddlers on my hands.


Today, my beautiful triplet girls turn 10!

triplets copy

Charity, you remind me so much of your Dad and yet so much of myself at your age. I’m glad that you’re a Daddy’s girl. Never getting to experience that myself… It is a joy to my heart to watch. I love that you wear cleats with a skirt and throw a football better than your brother.

Eve, your gift of music makes me jealous. The fact that you can pick up almost any instrument and figure out how to play it- amazes me. I will gladly resign all piano playing to you in a few years time. Or sooner…

Prayer, you are my quirky girl. You have a goofy smile and infectious laugh that everyone loves. Since the time that you were two and drawing rainbow-coloured, fire-breathing dragons, when everyone else was drawing stick people- I knew you’d be my artist.

You are all such unique individuals, and yet you share such an amazing bond that I am so blessed to be able to see grow on a daily basis. You really do have built-in best friends.

I love each of you and I hope you have an amazing 10th birthday!



P.S. Can’t wait for your party next week!!!

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  1. Happy birthday to some very beautiful girls!!!!


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