Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week 25


1. Scott and I were able to drop the kids off with his mom and sister (all 8 of them!) and go on a date last Friday. We spent the day driving around Markham; taking pictures for the church website; and checking out some locations. We may have also managed to fit some shopping time in there… :)

2. A path in Toogood Pond Park. This is where we watched a little brown bird swoop out of a tree and attack an older man who was just walking along the path in front of us. The bird came out of nowhere, and bit the back of the man’s head! The guy swatted and looked around- then the bird swooped in again and attacked the man’s head. The guy yelled, “It doesn’t like me!” Then the bird came at him again and the guy ran for his life! The funny thing is… I was holding my camera, taking pictures of the park but didn’t even think to take a picture of this whole scenario. We were both just standing there watching in shock. Then when the guy ran off- we were both bent over laughing. I laughed randomly for the next hour, just picturing it in my head!

3. Pacific Mall. It was here that my feet surrendered in pain to my wedge heels. I honestly expected to see blood when I pried my feet out of them… Anyhow, I have decided that I have to come back here to do some shopping with my girls!

4. The Holiday Inn that we’ll be meeting at in September.

We shared a Sub. We ate McDonald’s ice cream cones in a park. We had dinner at Swiss Chalet (my fave!) and watched the NHL draft together while we ate way too much food.

So glad I married my best friend.


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