Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Week 24


1. Dad and his girls.

2. My boys.

3. So thankful to say how well Elijah is doing! We started to go downhill a few weeks back, but after being put back on a supplement by the naturopath- he is breathing fine again! Dairy-free has become the norm around here for my boys. Elijah is a little bit disappointed that he won’t be going to camp this year- but understands that we can’t risk anything quite yet with his diet. Hard to believe that we’ve only been dealing with this for 7 months… So glad that we found Dr. Wong.

4. My oldest and youngest. Keona, is becoming such a mature young lady. She’s going to be 12 next month…

Having a baby with older daughters is such a different experience. They put her to nap. They get her up from nap. They want to feed her, change her, burp her, play with her… It’s a huge blessing. Other than the fact that she thinks everyone waits on her hand and foot because there is ALWAYS someone willing to give her what she wants, right away! Bah… She will learn. She is a dream baby at home. When we are out- not so much. She can be quite the little monster in the church nursery! But I’m glad that she loves home. I’m appreciating our quiet, secluded, nursing breaks so much this time around. Not the middle of the day, where she eats for 20 seconds and then looks around the room. Or when Ella decides to kiss her toes sticking out from under the blanket… But feeding her at midnight before I go to sleep, and cuddling with her for 10 minutes before I put her back into her crib- has become a nightly routine that I look forward to. :)

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