Friday, June 1, 2012

Week 20


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1. Lily is currently enjoying the lick-everything-in-sight stage. I have to keep her on a quilt in the livingroom or she licks the floor… Lovely, I know. She also drools like crazy! Here, she is trying to get my bracelet into her mouth.

2. Lily, trying to figure out how to pull the button off of Scott’s pocket.

3. Scott asked me to make his lunch for work and Ella jumped up and said, “I’ll make your lunch dad!” She then proceeded to pack him a container full of cheerios, craisins, and a Welch’s fruit snack pack. :) That’s usually what we pack her for the toddler class. :)

4. He loves his girls. Seeing him with them melts my heart. Unless it’s the older girls and they’re playing hockey together… Let’s just say, we don’t have the best team players in this house. Something we’re working on!


As a side note, I just noticed that I’ve gotten so use to the auto-correct on my iphone and ipad that when I see that squiggly line, I just keep typing expecting the computer to correct it for me! Ha… Gotta love technology.

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