Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kindergarten Graduate!

Jeddy graduated Kindergarten!!!


I can not tell you how happy and relieved I am! He said to me, “Mom, kindergarten seemed soooo long!”

I thought to myself, ‘Well, that’s cause it took you two years to do it.’ Haha!

But to be fair to him- kindergarten does require a lot of one on one teaching, and during those two years we went through two first trimesters, a miscarriage, a move, and a new baby. I’m so proud of him! I gave him his diploma, graduation hat (he insisted on wearing a suit) and a little present to celebrate.


All of the other kids finished school on Tuesday. Everyone with an above 90 average! As much as we are ALL looking forward to summer break, I know that I’ll be equally excited to start school again next September.

I’m going to have a child in grade 8!?!?

I remember being in grade 8… scary.

Ella, will be starting kindergarten!

And I have a streak of white hair going…


On another note, we were sitting at the dinner table the other night and we were talking about what movie to watch. It was Jed’s turn to pick and there was a specific movie that the girls didn’t want him to choose. Prayer didn’t know what it was so I figured that I’d spell it really quickly cause I didn’t think Jeddy would be able to sound it out in his head that fast…. So I said, “W-A-T-E-R H-O-R-S-E” A few seconds later, Jeddy shouted out, “Waterhorse!!!” We all laughed and went on eating dinner. Two minutes later (no joke) I noticed Prayer sitting there saying to herself, “W-A-T…” Still trying to figure it out! How in the world does this child get 90’s in school??? I love Prayer and her “blonde moments” to bits. :)


Prayer, telling a story while she holds Lily…

Last weekend, was also the annual ladies’ retreat that I look forward to every year. I pumped diligently every night leading up to it so that I could leave bottles for Scott to feed Lily. We had baby food stocked up and the girls were excited to help Dad watch her. I spent the afternoon enjoying my child-free time, chatting with friends, sitting in on sessions and workshops, and then headed over to Timmies with some ladies. Seeing some other Mom’s with their still nursing babies almost made me say that I wished Lily was with me. Almost… Then I heard my phone chime and it was Scott texting me to tell me that Lily was losing her mind and refusing to take the bottle. Ha! Snap back to reality…. I drove home to pick up my baby and brought her back to the retreat with me. Thankfully, she was pretty quiet and I was able to hear everything. The retreat was such a blessing and a great reminder to “Choose Joy”.


Sunday, was also a big day! Sunday night, was Scott’s ordination service! We were so blessed by friends and family being there to support us. Pastor Wall’s message was so dead on… and quite the challenge to us as we head into the ministry. I’m so proud of Scott. So much was leading up to this… when we got home both of us were ready for bed. Such a relief to be officially into the next phase. Can’t wait to share more about how God is working and what He does for us over the summer months!


Now, on to our first week of NO SCHOOL!

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  1. Ordination service: *sniff* I just want to say Amen!

    Jeddy insisting on a suit makes me grin really big.

    8th grade! I feel your pain. I ordered a preparing for High School DVD from Lee Binz with Zoiks!

    Hooray to no school!!! Woot woot!


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