Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In the Creek

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Yesterday we went to Heber Downs. We started our way down a path, around ten minutes into our nice walk, we saw a crossing log across a disgusting, dirty creek. Keona started begging Mom to cross it. She said, “Yes.”

photo (31)

(Us crossing the creek)

You can’t see it in the picture but there was a second skinnier log behind the big one that Keona used  to go back on. I followed on the skinny one and when I started tipping I knew I should have turned back, but I didn’t.I fell in the horrid creek.Mom stood on the shore laughing her guts out.When I did get out I BANGED MY HEAD on another branch. Mom laughed even harder. 

photo (32)

(She convinced me to let her take my picture,it was the highlight of our day)

Today Mom let me take some pictures of Lily.



She’s started to crawl now. In the photo above she’s crawling to our new cordless phone. She is so much like me when it comes to eating.She eats a spoonful of her baby food then she says,"Oohh” until I give her another spoonful.

I think I’m getting better at taking pictures.


Mom is teaching me to use her camera. I enjoyed blogging.


(Written, typed, and formatted by Eve)

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