Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 19


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1. I believe in love signs from God. Today, on Mother’s Day, we saw baby geese with their mom. We saw rabbits. We saw hawks. We saw a herd (is that what you call it???) of deer… all on our drive to and from church. We stopped to get a picture of the geese.

2. We saw a gorgeous sunset.

3. Where we are headed…

4.  Scott stopped by a field to take my annual Mother’s Day picture with the kids. It may have a colour cast, and be poorly exposed, but I love it. Love it! Running across the street with the kids. Having Keona tell us that we were going to be fined for walking in someone’s field… seeing Ella motor when we said, “Car!” The cheesy smiles in this picture cause it was the last one and I said, “Ok, biggest smiles possible!!!” I love my kids. I could never have imagined being so happy to just be “Mom”…

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