Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 18


1. Ella, less then a minute old…

2. Ella, celebrating her 4th birthday with Papa!

3. My girl, is 4… No more naps!

4. I strung up my favourite photos of her from birth to now. I have a lot of photos of her…



You are adorable, spicy, and sweet all mixed into one. You were exactly what I needed after having two boys.

I love that you wear a fancy dress but then throw on running shoes to play outside with the boys. That you ask for lip gloss, but then go get your hands dirty looking for worms. That you sit and read stories with Mom and cuddle to watch hockey with Dad. That you go from playing dolls to cars without thinking twice. That you draw me pictures every. single. day. That you can dance like a princess and wrestle with the best of them.

I love YOU.

Happy 4th Birthday baby girl!



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