Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 17


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1. I have to pry my own baby out of these girls’ arms! I wake up in the morning and she is already gone from her crib! They take her, change her, and bring her downstairs to play with. I’ve had to tell them to STOP picking her up all the time- I’m afraid she’s going to be as spoiled as Ella is… Ella, who tells her older brother “You think you can boss ME??” haha…

2. My baker! We made blueberry-lemon cupcakes and they were divine! I’m talking heavenly. I was addicted. I may have eaten 5. Or 10… They may be the sole reason that I can’t lose my last 5lbs of pregnancy weight!

3. We got to meet Cameron! He was such a little chunky monkey! The girls loved having an extra baby around for the day. :)

4. Dimples… My dimples, is reading. He is fluently… reading! It makes my heart happy to hear him reading words on stores as we drive by. It was such a long struggle with him and kindergarten. But now, my boy is reading! His brother has also taught him to count by 10, 5, 4, 3, and 2… At least math won’t be a problem.

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