Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 19


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1. I believe in love signs from God. Today, on Mother’s Day, we saw baby geese with their mom. We saw rabbits. We saw hawks. We saw a herd (is that what you call it???) of deer… all on our drive to and from church. We stopped to get a picture of the geese.

2. We saw a gorgeous sunset.

3. Where we are headed…

4.  Scott stopped by a field to take my annual Mother’s Day picture with the kids. It may have a colour cast, and be poorly exposed, but I love it. Love it! Running across the street with the kids. Having Keona tell us that we were going to be fined for walking in someone’s field… seeing Ella motor when we said, “Car!” The cheesy smiles in this picture cause it was the last one and I said, “Ok, biggest smiles possible!!!” I love my kids. I could never have imagined being so happy to just be “Mom”…

Week 18


1. Ella, less then a minute old…

2. Ella, celebrating her 4th birthday with Papa!

3. My girl, is 4… No more naps!

4. I strung up my favourite photos of her from birth to now. I have a lot of photos of her…



You are adorable, spicy, and sweet all mixed into one. You were exactly what I needed after having two boys.

I love that you wear a fancy dress but then throw on running shoes to play outside with the boys. That you ask for lip gloss, but then go get your hands dirty looking for worms. That you sit and read stories with Mom and cuddle to watch hockey with Dad. That you go from playing dolls to cars without thinking twice. That you draw me pictures every. single. day. That you can dance like a princess and wrestle with the best of them.

I love YOU.

Happy 4th Birthday baby girl!



Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 17


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1. I have to pry my own baby out of these girls’ arms! I wake up in the morning and she is already gone from her crib! They take her, change her, and bring her downstairs to play with. I’ve had to tell them to STOP picking her up all the time- I’m afraid she’s going to be as spoiled as Ella is… Ella, who tells her older brother “You think you can boss ME??” haha…

2. My baker! We made blueberry-lemon cupcakes and they were divine! I’m talking heavenly. I was addicted. I may have eaten 5. Or 10… They may be the sole reason that I can’t lose my last 5lbs of pregnancy weight!

3. We got to meet Cameron! He was such a little chunky monkey! The girls loved having an extra baby around for the day. :)

4. Dimples… My dimples, is reading. He is fluently… reading! It makes my heart happy to hear him reading words on stores as we drive by. It was such a long struggle with him and kindergarten. But now, my boy is reading! His brother has also taught him to count by 10, 5, 4, 3, and 2… At least math won’t be a problem.

Prayer cards and outtakes…

Where to even begin to catch up?…

Things have been busy. I feel like we may be slightly insane with everything that we’re taking on sometimes. Then I’m reminded that we aren’t alone…

“I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.” – Phil. 4:13

I also thought we were crazy during the Bible college years- but God was faithful to see us through. One step at a time. One day at a time…

By His grace.

We got our prayer cards in the mail!


That was exciting stuff for me.

We have been working on so many different things for our upcoming church plant, this September.

I get excited. Then I get nervous. Then I get anxious. Then I get doubtful.

It’s a continual roller coaster. I never in my entire life imagined being a “preacher’s wife”. I never wanted to be a preacher’s wife… ha! Yet, I’m incredibly thankful for what God has done in our life. I’m beyond excited (and slightly nervous) to see what else He has in store.

Our friend Joy (from Nostalgia Photography) did our photo for the prayer card. Here are a few of my favourite out takes…


Trying to calm Lily down…


Scott trying to make me laugh…

I may have been starting to lose it with certain people (who shall remain nameless… Scott and Elijah!) because of their lack of co-operation during pictures…


Trying to do serious faces so that they could trick people with the picture.

DSC_0114 DSC_0118 DSC_0112

It wasn’t working for Eve…

And the best for last…

kid outtake 

I struggle with what to share and what not to share sometimes…

Please pray for our family’s health. Nothing overly serious going on right now- just continual little things. We have made more trips to the doctor in the last 6 months than we have in the last 10 years.

On another note, Lily is getting to be so much fun!


Tonight, she tried peas for the first time. When she had finished her bowl full, I got up to walk away and she bawled! Seriously, cried! Prayer grabbed the bowl, walked back over, and she stopped instantly. My little piggy likes her food! Prayer got her some more and called me over to watch… every time she set the bowl down and showed Lily her empty hands, Lily would start to cry. Then she would turn the tears off as soon as she saw the bowl again. Ha!


She is now rolling consistently and even army crawling backwards. :)


Tonight, Charity asked me, “Mom, did you listen to Justin Bieber when you were a kid?”

Thankfully, no.

No, I didn’t…

Gotta love Pro Active commercials…


And our final family picture…

fam2 copy

A head or two may have been photoshopped in… Maybe… :P

Thank you, Joy!!!


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