Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 9 (catching up!)


1. Lily’s 3 month picture! It is hard for me to believe how much she changed over the last 4 weeks…

2. Guess who was playing with my phone!? Yeah, she may not be the sharpest crayon in the box- she texted her own name… Although, I guess I’m pretty impressed that my 3 year old knows how to text her name to Grandma! Ha…

3. Eve set up a “campsite” for Ella on their bedroom floor. Sleeping bags and all! Found them this way when I headed up to bed.

4. Hyper baby! Gotta love how happy she is to see me every morning.


And this may sound completely ridiculous- my super long absence from blogging was all due to the fact that I saw “999 posts” on my dashboard. I couldn’t just have any old post be our 1000th! So… I waited and waited to figure out what to do. Eventually, I decided on making it our “About Us” page. :) Looking forward to catching up on things now!

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  1. i love all the snapshots and glimpses of your family and daily life. :) happy 1000+ posts!


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