Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 16


1. Prayer is always sketching. Always. She has several boxes full of pictures, along with her many sketch books full. I love that she knows what she enjoys and works her hardest to get better.

2. She loves her little sister. Adores her. And to think that I was worried about her being jealous! Every morning she comes into my room and quietly talks to Lily while Scott is still asleep. She usually keeps her happy while I do my hair and makeup. Then Ella slips into my bathroom just in time to ask for some lip gloss. :)

3. She loves her Daddy. She even likes sitting and watching hockey with him!

4. Her faces crack me up. The other day, I called her “monster” and Jeddy said, “Hey, she’s not your monster… I’m your monster!” So we decided that he was my “big monster” and we’ll call Lily “Little Monster”

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