Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double Trouble

Tonight, I walked through the quiet house after the kids were asleep, kissed each of them on the forehead, and thanked God for them. All eight of them. Then Lily woke up and the house was no longer quiet… ha!

(She may have my hair! Poor child…)

She is now a pro at “swimming” on the floor. She also does it in her crib. She gets over near the bars and scratches the wall. Then she talks to herself until I pick her up to feed her. She is adorable and gives her Daddy the biggest smiles EVER. She also makes the sound, “Da-da-da-da” now. She has no clue what it means… but her vocabulary is growing from the “a-goooo” to other sounds now.


These two are trouble…


So, I took Ella to the dollarstore and while we were waiting in line at the cash, an old lady in front of us smiled and waved at Ella. Let me just say, this old lady, was rather “old” looking. She had some sort of bandana on and I think Ella was slightly scared cause she hid behind my legs.

A few seconds later, Ella was pointing at her and whispered, “Mom… Mom…”

I gently pulled her hand down and told her that it wasn’t polite to point.

Not wanting to point again, she exclaimed (in her loudest possible speaking voice)

“Mom! See the lady with the messed up head!?…”

At which point I quickly covered her mouth with my hand and pushed her back behind my legs.

I should have just let her quietly point…

So after we got in the car, we had a long talk about how rude it is to say someone has a “messed up head”… and that if she wants to say something about somebody, she should say it to me quietly AFTER we are in the car. So, we walk in to Mac’s and there is a rather large, biker-looking guy, with a big beard in front of us in line.

Ella points at him and says, “Mom, see the…”

Her sentenced was cut off by me quickly swatting my hand over her mouth.

She is something else…

I’ll tell you where she gets it from though… Earlier that day, she was doing my hair for me at the table. She had piled it all up on top of my head, clipped it there hanging over my eyes, and called her Dad to see what he thought of it…

Ella: Look Dad! Doesn’t it look pretty!?

Scott: No, what did you do to her hair? You messed it up! Try again!

(He enjoys egging her on…)

Ella: Da-ad…

(she restyles it)

Ella: Now look Dad!

Scott: Nope. It looks messed up. You don’t want me to lie to you, do you?

Ella: No.

Scott: Ok… well, it looked better before.

Ella: Dad! I tried my best. And it looks better than your hair!


Haha! This kid cracks me up! Except when she insults old ladies in Dollarstores…


Did I mention what was going on in this picture?


I often leave the table before Ella is done dinner to go feed Lily. (Ella usually takes the longest to finish. Other than Keona… ) I was sitting around the corner in the living room when I peeked around to check on Ella’s progress. I saw Jeddy sitting under the table and thought “What in the world?” Then, I watched for a minute and saw Ella look both ways, and then spoon feed Jeddy like he was a puppy! I called them out after I took this picture.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time.

“That’s how Ella finished her big chicken leg last night!”

Jeddy informed me…

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