Wednesday, April 25, 2012

5 months


In the last week, Lily has learned…

to roll front belly to back

to grab food off my plate

to put anything and everything she touches straight to her mouth

to do a high-pitched squeal when she’s excited, or angry, or hyper or… well, whenever she wants…


to play with her toes!


She had her first taste of “real food” (as the kids call it) this morning!



I’m thinking that she isn’t quite ready yet- but we’ll see.

She had quite the audience none-the-less!


On a completely different topic- Elijah, is doing much better! Turns out that we were feeding him something that had milk ingredients in it without realizing. As soon as we cut that out, his breathing slowly returned to normal. The respirologist lowered his doses again, and he is now down to ONE puff a day!!! From 8+ puffs… to one! I am so thankful that we were able to get the advice of a naturopath and figure out the root cause at such an early stage. God is so good!


And I’ll finish up with an outtake from Lily’s 5 month photos- cause it made me laugh…


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  1. They grow up WAY to fast! Matthew just turned 1!! She's adorable :)


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