Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week 16


1. Prayer is always sketching. Always. She has several boxes full of pictures, along with her many sketch books full. I love that she knows what she enjoys and works her hardest to get better.

2. She loves her little sister. Adores her. And to think that I was worried about her being jealous! Every morning she comes into my room and quietly talks to Lily while Scott is still asleep. She usually keeps her happy while I do my hair and makeup. Then Ella slips into my bathroom just in time to ask for some lip gloss. :)

3. She loves her Daddy. She even likes sitting and watching hockey with him!

4. Her faces crack me up. The other day, I called her “monster” and Jeddy said, “Hey, she’s not your monster… I’m your monster!” So we decided that he was my “big monster” and we’ll call Lily “Little Monster”

5 months


In the last week, Lily has learned…

to roll front belly to back

to grab food off my plate

to put anything and everything she touches straight to her mouth

to do a high-pitched squeal when she’s excited, or angry, or hyper or… well, whenever she wants…


to play with her toes!


She had her first taste of “real food” (as the kids call it) this morning!



I’m thinking that she isn’t quite ready yet- but we’ll see.

She had quite the audience none-the-less!


On a completely different topic- Elijah, is doing much better! Turns out that we were feeding him something that had milk ingredients in it without realizing. As soon as we cut that out, his breathing slowly returned to normal. The respirologist lowered his doses again, and he is now down to ONE puff a day!!! From 8+ puffs… to one! I am so thankful that we were able to get the advice of a naturopath and figure out the root cause at such an early stage. God is so good!


And I’ll finish up with an outtake from Lily’s 5 month photos- cause it made me laugh…


Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Light…


The light shining in my back windows, was calling my name last night…

This house it pretty amazing. Have I mentioned how much I love my 2nd floor laundry room!?!?

But back to the light…

We get sunrises out our front window in winter and now we’ll be getting sunsets out our back windows for summer!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as warm out as the sunlight appears. It was almost 0 Celsius… so we were only out there for maybe 5 minutes before we both ran in with red noses!

prayer copy

I am very much looking forward to taking advantage of this gorgeous lighting we have every evening once the warmer weather sticks around!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Double Trouble

Tonight, I walked through the quiet house after the kids were asleep, kissed each of them on the forehead, and thanked God for them. All eight of them. Then Lily woke up and the house was no longer quiet… ha!

(She may have my hair! Poor child…)

She is now a pro at “swimming” on the floor. She also does it in her crib. She gets over near the bars and scratches the wall. Then she talks to herself until I pick her up to feed her. She is adorable and gives her Daddy the biggest smiles EVER. She also makes the sound, “Da-da-da-da” now. She has no clue what it means… but her vocabulary is growing from the “a-goooo” to other sounds now.


These two are trouble…


So, I took Ella to the dollarstore and while we were waiting in line at the cash, an old lady in front of us smiled and waved at Ella. Let me just say, this old lady, was rather “old” looking. She had some sort of bandana on and I think Ella was slightly scared cause she hid behind my legs.

A few seconds later, Ella was pointing at her and whispered, “Mom… Mom…”

I gently pulled her hand down and told her that it wasn’t polite to point.

Not wanting to point again, she exclaimed (in her loudest possible speaking voice)

“Mom! See the lady with the messed up head!?…”

At which point I quickly covered her mouth with my hand and pushed her back behind my legs.

I should have just let her quietly point…

So after we got in the car, we had a long talk about how rude it is to say someone has a “messed up head”… and that if she wants to say something about somebody, she should say it to me quietly AFTER we are in the car. So, we walk in to Mac’s and there is a rather large, biker-looking guy, with a big beard in front of us in line.

Ella points at him and says, “Mom, see the…”

Her sentenced was cut off by me quickly swatting my hand over her mouth.

She is something else…

I’ll tell you where she gets it from though… Earlier that day, she was doing my hair for me at the table. She had piled it all up on top of my head, clipped it there hanging over my eyes, and called her Dad to see what he thought of it…

Ella: Look Dad! Doesn’t it look pretty!?

Scott: No, what did you do to her hair? You messed it up! Try again!

(He enjoys egging her on…)

Ella: Da-ad…

(she restyles it)

Ella: Now look Dad!

Scott: Nope. It looks messed up. You don’t want me to lie to you, do you?

Ella: No.

Scott: Ok… well, it looked better before.

Ella: Dad! I tried my best. And it looks better than your hair!


Haha! This kid cracks me up! Except when she insults old ladies in Dollarstores…


Did I mention what was going on in this picture?


I often leave the table before Ella is done dinner to go feed Lily. (Ella usually takes the longest to finish. Other than Keona… ) I was sitting around the corner in the living room when I peeked around to check on Ella’s progress. I saw Jeddy sitting under the table and thought “What in the world?” Then, I watched for a minute and saw Ella look both ways, and then spoon feed Jeddy like he was a puppy! I called them out after I took this picture.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time.

“That’s how Ella finished her big chicken leg last night!”

Jeddy informed me…

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chewing and Praying

“Remember, God will never give you more than you can handle.”

People repeat this frequently; I heard it when I was growing up and I hear it now. It is meant to be a source of encouragement, and it would be if I believed it were true.

But I don’t.

I believe that God totally, absolutely, intentionally gives us more than we can handle. Because this is when we surrender to Him and He takes over, proving Himself by doing the impossible in our lives.

- Kisses From Katie


That’s what I’m chewing on tonight.


Praying about the church plant this fall.

Praying for Scott. The decisions he faces. The time restraints. The strength and wisdom he needs.

Praying for my children. So much.

Praying for several friends. Hurting. Sick. Lonely. Friends.

Praying for family members.

Praying for Elijah’s health.


Praying lots. Continually. “Without ceasing” you could say.


I’m not quite sure why she decided to eat her dessert in the middle of the kitchen floor…


The kids and I are on a new schedule. An early schedule. Which means that I have pretty much given up my late nights with Scott on the weekends. BUT- it does mean that we are no longer “squeezing in” devotion time. It has been far too long, that family devotions have ended up taking a backseat to…

Well… life.


We’ve been getting up by 7am, reading, talking, questioning, and praying together every morning.

I’ve missed this.

Even Jeddy is excited to read his part of the new chapter each morning!


He pushes her eyebrows down and says she looks angry…


Elijah, is doing better. His pulmonary function went from “severe” to “mild” over the course of 3 weeks. He seems to be back-tracking a bit now and we’ve had to increase his doses again. No more attacks though. Thanking God for that!


The boys at Easter dinner


Lily is getting so big!


Apparently, she rolled over cause I found her in her crib, on her back, with her arm stuck under her. I’ve yet to see it though!


Easter was AMAZING! We had 27 people here for dinner on Saturday. I’m so thankful that my oldest is a girl! :)


She was an amazing help to me all day long.


My mom, with Lily…


The girls did a puzzle with Great-grandpa and Keona learned how to play cribbage. I love how my Grandpa always had time for a game of cribbage with me when I was a kid.


Grandpa with his grand and great-grands.

We missed having Jimmy here!


I’m thankful for family.

God is good.

Life is good.

I can’t wait to see God work in so many different situations right now.



Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Week 14


Photos from our Easter dinner…

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Week 13


I really wanted to make sure that each of their photos showed off their personalities- these four, definitely do!

I still find it crazy, to think that I have SIX girls! SIX!!! Scary sometimes, when I see myself in them… But they are such a blessing.

Charity, has worn that headband every day since Christmas. Why? Because her Dad picked it out for her. Along with the shirt… Although she hasn’t worn the shirt everyday!

Eve, looks a little more reserved. Don’t let her fool you! She has earned her nickname of “foghorn”… She is the mother hen of the bunch.

Keona, is pretty serious. Maybe an oldest thing? Or a pre-teen, I’m-too-cool-for-school thing? I dunno. I do know that her Dad can always get a smile out of her. Even if it is by calling her feet “flippers.” (She may or may not have gotten my massive size 11’s…)

Prayer, has always been our quirky one. She’s artsy. She thinks a little differently than everyone else. She makes everything fun and cheers everyone up.

Love them.

Week 12


Pictures for our “About Us” page have begun!

Also- Lily’s 4 month pic!

Week 11


I can’t even tell you how much this little girl is adored. The kids can’t wait to see her every morning. The girls fight over who will get to go in and get her when she wakes up from nap. Everyone loves her I-just-woke-up-and-am-so-happy-to-see-you smiles!

She loves my quilt! I think it may be all the funky colours. She’s also sporting headbands more often now- as she’s slowly balding. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 10


1. My girlie reading a book.

2. Jeddy and Ella decided to put my sticky tack to good use…

3. My boys… all 3 of them!

4. Elijah, reading to his younger sibs. When he saw me with the camera, he decided to use the book to hide his face…

Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 9 (catching up!)


1. Lily’s 3 month picture! It is hard for me to believe how much she changed over the last 4 weeks…

2. Guess who was playing with my phone!? Yeah, she may not be the sharpest crayon in the box- she texted her own name… Although, I guess I’m pretty impressed that my 3 year old knows how to text her name to Grandma! Ha…

3. Eve set up a “campsite” for Ella on their bedroom floor. Sleeping bags and all! Found them this way when I headed up to bed.

4. Hyper baby! Gotta love how happy she is to see me every morning.


And this may sound completely ridiculous- my super long absence from blogging was all due to the fact that I saw “999 posts” on my dashboard. I couldn’t just have any old post be our 1000th! So… I waited and waited to figure out what to do. Eventually, I decided on making it our “About Us” page. :) Looking forward to catching up on things now!


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