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About Us (1000th post!!!)


scott at the keg[5] copy

About my husband…

I love him more than my morning latte! Scott is faithful. He would do anything for me. He loves his kids, and has problems saying “no” to his girls. The boys, think he’s the best at everything he does.  He is a die-hard Leaf fan, and a reformed Starbucks addict. He is good at pretty much anything he puts his mind to. He hates losing and TV shows. He loves writing, but rarely reads anything other than his Bible. He talks in his sleep; it can be pretty entertaining! He is not what I would call “romantic”- though he does buy me random gifts at 2am and leave them on the counter for me to find the next morning. Scott loves God. Not only does he have a personal relationship with Jesus; he loves introducing others to his Saviour as well. Scott is real. What you see, is what you get. Though there have been times that I’ve wished he would “fake it” just a tad… I love that he puts himself out there. He trusts and forgives without a second thought. He is incredibly sarcastic, and he’s always ready with a witty-comeback. Scott, is my husband of 12 years, my best friend of 14, and I wouldn’t trade our life for anyone’s.


About my wife…me

Jaclyn amazes me. She is decidedly courageous. It doesn’t matter what comes along, she is willing to meet the challenge. She is constantly evolving to better everything she does. Sometimes that may come across as intimidating or stubborn, and rightly so. She is worthy of being trusted, and has earned being followed. I love that she won’t back down if she believes something is right. I love that because it has always benefited our family to have her be the conscience of the home. For some reason, this leader lets me lead her. She is submissive to my say, even though, she is usually right. She is so proper, until she is comfortably with friends and family, then she is fun. Jaclyn knows how to have fun when it is time for fun, and work when it is time to get things done. She is honest, and has a problem being nice to people who deserve otherwise. I love that she can feel things about a situation, or person, that most people don’t realize. She is full of wisdom, and faith, and love. Jaclyn is mine. Mine to hold, and watch, and enjoy. I wouldn’t have it any other way.




Hi, my name is Keona.

I'm 11 years old and in the 7th grade. I love to read, write stories, cook, bake, and spend time texting and chatting with my friends. I usually enjoy spending time with my siblings too. I love making new friends! I don't know how many books I've really written but I think the number that I've ripped up is higher than the number I've kept! I'm a perfectionist. I like having a big family. I can't imagine being an only-child. My favourite Bible verse is Philippians 4:4. It reminds me to trust God and be happy. Bye. :)








Hello, my name is Charity.

I am the only left handed girl in my family, so far.I really like sports. Hockey is my favourite. Oh, and baseball! My favourite food is stuffing. Which we do not eat often enough! I play the guitar and piano. I prefer wearing pyjamas because they're comfy. But Mom says, "Get dressed." My favourite animal is a monkey, because they're funny and cute! I like playing on my Dad's PS3 with him- he's a fun person to play games with. My birthday is July 4th 2002 and I am 9- almost 10. I like Philippians 2:14&15 cause it reminds me to listen to my parents joyfully. I hope you liked my bio!






Hi, my name is Eve.

I can play the violin and piano pretty well. I like sports. Especially, hockey and baseball. My favourite song is "Grace that is Greater Than All Our Sin." I am a triplet. My sisters and I are identical. Grandma can never tell us apart! I am 9 1/2 and our birthday is July 4th. My favourite food is lasagna, just like Garfield! I like Garfield. My favourite Bible verse is Psalm 150:6.  It's my favourite because it reminds me that God gives us breath to praise Him. Goodbye!







I have a very rare name; my name is, Prayer.

I love art. Drawing people in costumes is my favourite! I really like when Papa takes me to fast food restaurants. My favourite is Mary Brown's. I enjoy soul-winning with my Dad. I laugh A LOT- my sisters call me "laughable." I have eye problems, I get to wear glasses and I LOOOOVE picking new ones out! I love playing board games, and my favourite one is Quelf. Mostly because it makes me laugh and we get to do silly things. I am 9 1/2 and I am a 5th grader. I'll be 10 in July! I hope you enjoyed reading about me- bye!






My name is Elijah.

I like annoying my sisters at home. I like fast food restaurants. I like sports A LOT. My favourite animal is a lion. Keona calls me Eli-jo. I'm 8 years old and in grade 4. My birthday is December 28th 2003. I don't like my birthday being in the winter cause I can't go to Wonderland. My favourite Bible verse is John 3:16 and I like singing "Nothing But the Blood." I like being homeschooled- especially the prizes we get on test days! Ta-ta for now!









My name is,

Jedidiah Scott Polhamus.

Everyone calls me Jeddy. Mom calls me a monster because I eat so much food! I'm 5. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is broccoli. I like to play with my friends and pick apples from apple trees. When I grow up, I want to be an airplane pilot. I like singing songs at church and I don't feel very safe when mom drives us because I'm afraid she might get lost. Buh-bye!




   ella-profile  -


This is Arabella.

We call her, Ella. She likes movies, princesses, and everything pink. This girl, has spunk! She plays dolls with her sisters one minute and then she's wrestling with her brothers the next... She is a self-proclaimed vegetarian. She "doesn't like meat!" She would eat oatmeal everyday, and she loves to finish off the last sip of mom's tea.











Lily, is our newest addition. 

She's currently 4 months old. She loves bright colours and playing peek-a-boo. She laughs when daddy scares her by saying "Boo!" And as the youngest of 8- she never lacks arms willing to snuggle her!


  1. I love this post what a great way to get to know everyone. Great names for the kids some I never knew,like Arabella, how beautiful. I love the name Charity I wanted to name our next daughter that. I got out voted and we are going with Grace. So we will have Faith and Grace. You and the family are so beautiful. I always enjoy your blog and photography.

  2. Love, love, LOVE this! So much fun to read about the kids in their own words! And hearing Scott talk about you confirmed all of what I already know and made me want to meet you in person that much more. :)

  3. I just saw your family pic and article in the Pickering paper how wonderful to read about a family in faith and with 8 children just like us. We have 4 boys 4 girls ages 12 down to 6 months we live in Pefferlaw ON I feel as though I know you just from reading about your wonderful every day life I enjoy your photos as I enjoy taking pictures too. God bless you you have been an encouragement to me right at the time I needed it:-)

  4. I love your website. It has been a real pleasure to get to know you and your family. I will be keeping contact. Just hearing the Gospel preached just blesses my soul. God bless all of you and hopefully we will see you in the fall.


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