Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Week 7


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1. Lily in the adorable headband we got from “TopKnots 4 Tots

2. My Cherry, out in the snow. The very little snow that we got… It’s funny to see my kids get all excited over 3 or 4 inches. They are in shock when I tell them about going out in the snow and it being up to my knees as a kid.

3. Our Valentine’s Day date. We were going to buy an electric fireplace for our master bedroom after getting our January gas bill… Unfortunately, I wasn’t all that fond of any of the ones on sale. So instead, we bought a heater and a new bookshelf at Walmart with a gift card. :)

4. Ella, playing outside. She kept calling her brothers and sisters “Dummy!” over the past week or so and I was getting frustrated with it. (Though secretly, the way she says it is kinda hilarious!) I thought she had picked it up from one of the boys… Until I was joking around with Scott and said, “You dummy!” And the girls pointed out that she was actually copying me… Oops.


We aren’t big on commercial holidays. Though, I did make all of the kids “coupons” this year. The girls are smart, they all saved their “get out of chore free” card for after a big messy dinner, and handed them to me at the same time. Then they went and played games while I cleaned up!

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  1. bahahaha about dummy! what i fear most about having a daughter is that the conviction would be that much stronger coming from a female face staring back at me.


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