Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 5


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1. Jed, in our new “ginormous” bath tub! ;)

2. My boys. They drive me insane on the average day, but I love them to pieces. For instance- Elijah does that nostril flaring thing in pictures, just to bug me. Then, he laughs hysterically when I notice it…

3. My S.S. kids! Actually, it isn’t Sunday school… but it is a Sunday morning class that I get to teach while choir is practicing. I love these kids. :)

4. Her new favourite past time. She insists that she wants a bath all by herself! Until she gets in… then she realizes that it’s no fun by herself and asks if Jed can join her. They spent an hour in there playing with “Little People” the other night. I have never seen such wrinkled fingers before in my life!

I got my new iphone (Yes, I went with apple…) and haven’t picked up my camera since… I’m planning to go back to using my camera for project 52 and thinking that maybe I’ll just do a weekly or monthly camera phone post? I dunno yet…

Just for fun… We were studying poisonous animals in science the last two weeks. Elijah requested it… Did you know that there are poisonous birds??? Apparently, they have found 6 species in Papua New Guinea. The toxin is in their feathers, and can cause paralysis.

Why do we say “moose” when we say “geese”? Elijah, asked why we don’t say “meese” this past week- and I thought, “Yeah… why not?” Ha!

I must be tired.

Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike arrogant doctors? Yes? I shall save that for another post…


  1. You should download Instagram. It's a free app and my favorite for taking/sharing pictures on the iphone.

  2. Grandma loves the pictures - but not Elijah's flared nostrils!

  3. Thanks for the pictures Jac, Nana and Papa Miss you all. Elijah, do you want us to bring back any big poisionous snakes in our suitcase? lol. They have one here 9 feet long and 5 inches round that they want to put around our neck to take a picture. Sorry ... cant do that... Jed we saw a bullfrog last nite that was as big as your head nana says. Everyone was scared to pick him up. You should have been here .... you could have put him back in the swamp. Uncle Kenny took a picture. See you all soon. Luv ya.

  4. Elijah is brilliant. I totally agree with him!

    And wrinkled bathtime fingers and toes... sooo sweet.

    My iPhone has made my Nikon a bit dusty. *sigh*


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