Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sleeping, Falling, and Other Fun Stuff…

Today, I took Keona to the dentist. She only had 2 very minor cavities BUT she is in need of an appointment with an orthodontist. No guarantee to braces, but there is some crowding going on in the molar department.

We didn’t have the best day in school. (That may be an understatement) Let’s just say that diagramming sentences- is no fun to teach. We made up for it but searching for answers to the kids’ science questions before dinner. The most deadly insect: mosquito. Who knew?

We had a dairy-free dinner, at which my kids greatly lacked table manners. We made fun of Eve’s eating habits, Jed poured black pepper all over his spinach salad and then voluntarily ate it, Charity stole food from her sister, Keona went bowling with the salt shaker and sent stuff flying off the table, and the triplets imitated the seagulls from Nemo, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” It’s kinda freaky when they say things in unison… It was hilarious and ended with Eve hugging me and saying, “You’re the best, Mom.” More than made up for all of the sentence diagramming drama…


This past weekend, I painted a picture with Prayer. She has always been my artsy one- and has wanted to do a canvas painting for a long time. We’ll have to do it again soon. We played a family game of NHL ‘11. Elijah wanted to be on my team cause I don’t care if they go offside etc. until we were losing- then he wanted to be on Scott’s team. Ha! My team lost both times… but Eve and Prayer did score two really nice goals! We watched the skills competition with the kids on Saturday night and even texted in our votes for the breakaway challenge. Then we watched the first bit of the all-star game on Sunday afternoon between church services.


Tonight, Jeddy fell off the couch and smacked his head on the fireplace. He jumped back up right away and buried his face in the cushions. He didn’t cry at all so I figured that he was fine… A few minutes later, he got up and I saw a bruise on his cheek. When I asked him if it hurt- he touched his head and said, “Yeah, right here where I bumped it…” When he pulled his hand away, it was covered in blood. So were my couch cushions… Thankfully, the cut wasn’t that deep. It just bled alot cause it was his head. Not like when Jeddy was a toddler and he hit Charity in the head with the hockey stick and I could see her skull…

We hung up some quotes in the kids’ bathroom… (another Pinterest inspired decoration)

kids bathroom

I may be able to stomach the pink for a few more months after all…

And we cleaned out our linen closet! Now, it looks “as organized as Grandma’s!” according to the girls…

Lastly, I put Lily in her crib at 11pm last night, and I poked her at 8am this morning to make sure she was ok... My baby slept 9 hours!

In her crib!!!!

I am savouring the moment… as she’ll probably be up every 3 hours tonight. :)

me and lily

She smiles and “goo’s” at us alot now- but she isn’t a fan of the camera.

The flash makes her cry instantly…

Love my baby girl. :)


  1. Oh my goodness! Love that photo of you and Lily!!! Your hair! Is so pretty!!!! :D

  2. Sorry for the rough day. But you are glowing and looking great mama!

  3. i don't even know where to start.

    the flash makes her cry? that is so funny.

    i miss my nice photo printer... love the quote ideas... i have some favorites that i should print and frame, but only after i print and frame favorite photographs!

    hockey stick + skull = fainting

    you are so pretty, jac!

    i do love these glimpses into your family. if you ever want to run away from the cold, come visit me in guam. we would have a grand time together! :)


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