Thursday, February 16, 2012

1 step forward 2 steps back

Pulmonary function tests, respirologists, paediatricians, allergists, cortisol levels, steroids, side effects, prednisone…

These are the things consuming my brain lately. My life. Our life…

We found out today, that Elijah’s medications are doing a really good job at suppressing the symptoms.

Without a big, long, detailed explanation- his PFT’s showed that his lungs are not functioning as they should be. Basically, he is living a very short step away from another serious asthma attack.

The respirologist, who sees hundreds of kids with asthma, says that what’s going on with Elijah “isn’t normal.”

Atleast he is sending us for some tests. Finally, someone willing to run some tests and actually try to figure out what’s going on… Or atleast rule some more serious things out hopefully.

In the meantime, we have a naturopath telling us that it’s probably dairy- which seems to fit, and seems to be helping. We have a paediatrician telling us that there is no scientific basis for a food allergy to cause asthma. And we have a respirologist admitting that he doesn’t have an answer yet- but it could possibly be a viral infection. So basically, we’ve gotten nowhere.

I am trying really hard to be thankful; thankful for the doctors and medications, that we don’t have to worry about selling our house to pay for treatments, that my son is sleeping peacefully in his bed tonight…

But if I’m being honest, I’m tired. I’m overwhelmed and confused by all of the what-if’s, and feeling pretty helpless as a mother… and I’m tired.


“Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”

- I Peter 5:7


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry about poor Elijah!

    My friend's son had serious asthma issues for years. Cutting out cow's milk really made a huge difference for him.

  2. praying for you all...praying for strength, wisdom, courage and continued faith and trust in the great physician...

  3. I'm so sorry! Was hoping you were getting stuff figured out. Must be a scary time. My prayers are with you!!! I wish I could stop by for some chai and some girl time. (((((Jac)))))

  4. As a former asthmatic and as a holistic nutritionist I can tell you that if you eliminate ALL dairy (cows,goats or sheep milk and products) He will be fine. All those meds are just messing with his poor little system.


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