Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3


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1.The kids have been playing chess and checkers all week… I’m afraid that I may start losing to them soon! :/

2. I left Lily with a bottle of pumped milk for the first time this week when I took Elijah to an appointment. (I was only going 5 minutes away from home!) Eve watched her for the whole hour! Since she didn’t need the bottle while I was out- I still let Eve feed it to her once I got home. (Eve was most looking forward to that part! :)

3. Our new espresso machine with the milk steamer thing... That Scott got for less than half price! My hubby’s chai tea lattes, are comparable to Starbucks. Best investment in a long time.

4. What I wake up to every morning… :)

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  1. Grandma says love the post and the pics! Way to go Evie!


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