Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2


So it was NOT a hospital-free weekend. Scott took Elijah into the ER on Friday morning at 5am with the start of another asthma attack. Thankfully, we caught it early this time and he didn’t have to be admitted. Just a few hours of masks and steroids. Ugh…  He is back on all of his meds. Then, I spent Saturday afternoon at the hospital with him waiting for a follow up appointment. Two hours in a kids’ waiting room. Treehouse playing on the TV, for two hours… The paediatrician looked a little confused as to why the medications aren’t working. We have an appointment with the doctor who will be looking after him, tomorrow morning. I also booked him an appointment with a naturopath doctor on Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to say. I’m looking forward to it even more now that I know Scott’s benefits cover it! We were not expecting that. So right now, we’re waiting. Praying, and waiting for some answers.


Now for my P52!

2(Click to enlarge)

Lily doesn’t cry all the time- I promise. ;) In fact, this was the first week that we’ve had real smiles from her! I’ve got to get some more pictures of my big girls next week- they are hilarious. We just had a very loud drive home from church. When Eve was explaining to Jed and Ella WHY skunks (or “DUNKS”- as Ella would say) smell- she says, “To spray the animals that would eat them. Like tigers.”

“Really, Eve? Tigers? Here? In the woods?”

Eve- “No. Not here… The skunks in the jungle!”

Oh! Right… Of course!

I think whatever Prayer has- may be contagious. :P

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