Thursday, January 12, 2012

Puffers, Sleep, and Science

It’s 11:30pm and I have half an hour left to wait before Elijah’s next puffer dose. Sitting here, listening closely, hoping not to hear and coughs or wheezes. Funny how this time, I saw his breathing trouble coming on before he did. I noticed his mannerisms changing before he noticed his breathing change. Prayers would be appreciated. We’re hoping to stay out of the hospital this weekend- he has an appointment with a really good paediatrician on Monday…


Last night, was the first time that I had trouble with Lily sleeping. So believe me- NO complaints here! She has been an amazing sleeper from the beginning. Mostly, cause she sleeps with me… :)


But she has been doing better in her crib, and today I let her cry herself to sleep. She cried for less than 5 minutes each time. It’s not an easy thing to do around here with so many willing-arms to rock her to sleep!


Yep, not a doll- that’s a real baby!

School is going well. We learned about the ‘thermosphere’ in world science yesterday. So many things that I didn’t know! I was all excited to relay the information to Scott this morning, and he just kept saying, “I know. Yeah, I knew that too…” Science never was my thing in school…

Keona, has to pick a famous Canadian to do a report on this weekend. Who to choose!?


Ella was quite into our lesson. As you can see, my reading put her right to sleep!    

I have yet to take all 8 kids out by myself. Taking the 7 out- I was use to. But taking the 7 out with a baby… It kind of scares me still. I mean, I’ve taken them out to pick up Robbie- where we can stay in the van… But into a store or something… nope. I’ll have to do it eventually, but I’ve been avoiding it.


Having a father-daughter moment… :P

The other night at dinner, the kids were all bugging eachother about who they are going to marry. They were trying to convince Ella that she should marry a certain boy from church. She kept yelling, “No! No! I don’t want to marry him!”

When they asked her why- her response was, “Because! I’m marrying Daddy!”


The next morning, he made her a special hot chocolate with breakfast…


Hoping for a good night’s sleep, and a hospital-free weekend.

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  1. Grandma says I am praying too! Love the pictures


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