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(Ella thinks she can use the force, because her sisters pretend she pushes them down with it…)

Is it ability?

In that moment when a ruler sits in the throne and the crown is lowered down up his head with blessing and pomp, he can look out over his kingdom and shake the very fibres of its existence to fit his will if he so chooses. So many things and lives within his grip. What his mind can fathom his hand can now do. His enemies now flee lest they face the wrath of all that he can command and unleash upon them with his kingly might. He is able to do anything he wants now. Is that power?


(“She dead” – Ella)

Is it authority?

The leader speaks and his followers perk to the edge of their seat. Their minds and wills folded within his hand as he weaves his master plan by the obedience of those who follow. With his mind he can cause Pyramids to rise and cities to fall. Like a queen in a hive or the lion in the pride, whatever he says must be done. There is no rebuke. There is no questioning. There is nothing that anyone can do to change what he has decided. He has the authority to move and even end the lives of many with the sound of his voice. Is this power?

DSC_0471 (Prayer likes hats and anything else that will make you laugh at her…)


(She has a follower)

Is it acceptance?

As she walks the halls of this grand life all eyes turn to watch her glimmering shine. She is everyone’s favourite fragrance and flavour, and everyone wishes to be her. What she wears, they will soon wear. What she likes, they will like. All eyes are turned upon her as she graces the world with her immaculate presence. Her coming is like the sunrise and her followers like the locusts to the harvest. She will direct them as she chooses. And as they watch and wait for her every move, the world sways in response to her every twinge. By their desire for her, her desire will become theirs. All those lives captivated by her entrancing being. Everyone wants to be her, and everyone will do as she does. Is this power?

Is it addiction?

As the many are enslaved, working day after day to taste the next fix of amusement, he profits from their lust. As fast as he can produce it, they line up to buy. Package it in any shiny box, and tag it with a red tag, and they will sell themselves away to have it. If it feels smooth, and smells sweet, and delights the eyes; if it looks good and is desired by many, they will take it for their own. All the while he will recline himself in the depths of his command of their desire, and enjoy the fruits of his designs. They all can’t get enough and would do anything to have more. Is that power?

DSC_0329(Elijah has 3DS addiction issues…)

Is it attention?

The child smashes yet another plate to the floor, filled with hours of work and effort, just for the glances of feeling. The walls are coloured with every crayon in the box, and some toothpaste on the side, and he would gladly take the punishment to have his parents run in circles trying to keep him in check. His every desire he can simply stomp his foot and obtain. Their schedule is his schedule, and he will design their lifestyle to suit his baser primitive lusts. Born to be wild, owning his parent’s life, he constantly attempts to fill his void with which he was designed. He craves to be watched, attended to, and obeyed. He is the king of his own life in a miniature form, and he will have his way or scream until the morning. Rock him to sleep, pack him full of candy, give him everything money can buy and an entire house to store it in, and you won’t cure the craving. He has your attention all the day and night. Is this power?

Is it affection?

To be with her is all he requires. Take his wealth and take his time; take all he has, but give him her love, and he will be pleased. There is no other thought that exists in his mind. There is no other person that can control him so. If only there were more hours in the day to stare at her picture, to hear her voice over and over again, and to speak of his love for her. There is not another girl in the world as far as he is concerned. And if another man dare go near her, he would duel them to the death before he would be parted from her. She has captivated his every corner of being. She owns his affection in every aspect of life and death. Is this power?


(The landing was the best part…)

Power is the source of it all. Power is what gives, what takes, and what makes. It is in the strength that flows from the throne of the source of all energy and sovereignty. All who rise are risen and all who fall are faulted. There is nothing done without the covering of the eyes of the One source of all forces and breath. We can only be channels of power, nothing more. Power built it all, and began its motion. Power is the truth behind the veil that covers its fervour. The truth of power is never measurable and unfathomable in entirety. Do you seek to find the ends of the universe? You never will, for it is not within your power. Do you seek to know the past, the future, and the causes thereof? Don’t waste your time. It cannot be known in mortality. Man’s small occupancy lacks even the power to know his self. You can search your whole life long and yet the only answers you will find will come from the true Power of creation.

The King has the power over all things. He is worthy of all ability, authority, acceptance, addiction, attention, and affection. He has the power to demand each one. Yet God is not a King by force to His people. He does not stomp His foot and whine. God does not kill off all competitors of His love. God offers Himself as He is and gives Himself to those who will take Him. He holds all of life in His hand and all of creation spins and consists by His will, and yet He looks to you to choose Him. He lets you choose. That is power.

Though we strive and fight to control all this that is not our own, He fights harder and strives more to give you all things. Stop struggling against true power. Accept Him for who He is, your Maker, Saviour, and your King.

“Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.” – I Timothy 1:17

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” – Revelations 4:11


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