Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Embracing White Hairs and Other Such Ramblings…

This week, I have been told that I have “alot more white hairs!”

I believe there was a “WOW” included somewhere in that sentence…

Ella, asked to feel the wrinkles on my forehead.

She doesn’t have any… “Only Mom do’s..”

The girls saw a picture of me as a kid and laughed for a good 5 minutes at my “old fashioned clothes.”

And I heard them saying that an old puzzle Keona won as a white elephant gift, must be “like from when Mom was a kid.”


Cause it’s so OLD, of course!

Scott reassured me that he still loves me- white hairs and all!


Scott’s picture of Ella…

On the plus side, I lost another 5lbs last week! Only about 20 more to go…

I think I’m beginning to like my Sunday school kids more than my own. One little boy told me, “Teacher, teacher, I love your face.” Ha! Just kidding about liking them better than my kids- but I do love my toddler class and was super excited to be back in with them for the first time since Lily was born! :) They all loved seeing her in class. One little girl showed her affection by grabbing Lily’s headband and snapping it. Thankfully, Lily just slept right on through it.


Speaking of Lily sleeping…


She has started sleeping in her crib now! Of course, She still prefers to sleep with me, or Scott, or any of her siblings… But she is sleeping 5 or 6 hours a night in her crib!


Elijah adores having a baby sister this time around…


Gotta love the squished face…

Last weekend, Scott and I were making dinner when we heard a loud “BANG!” We both looked at eachother, and then Scott ran upstairs, thinking that someone had just fallen from a top bunk, or something severe had happened. What he found, was two boys locked in their room, with a broken door knob. (They had broken the door knob a few days prior, and had been warned about slamming the door) Scott shouted down to me, “Hey Jac! The boys are locked in their room. The door knob’s broken and I don’t know how I’m going to get them out. What should I do?” So I shouted back up, “Leave them in there!” (We were both teasing, of course!)

Jeddy started to cry and said, “Ohhh! Can we atleast dig a hole???” Ha! Dig a hole through the floor?

Anyhow, after passing a screwdriver under the door and instructing Elijah on how to remove the knob on his side, Scott finally got them out. Oh, and remember the big bang we heard? Apparently, when the boys realized they were locked in, Jeddy said, “It’s OK! I’ll just kick the door down!” Yep. That from the kid who punches holes in my walls. The big bang, was him attempting to kick down a door…


(snapshot from Saturday morning…)

Oh! And Lily’s baby shower was this past Sunday at church. I did plan on having some pictures from it- but halfway through, the fire alarm went off! It continued to go off for the next 10-15 minutes… until several firemen got there and shut it off. That kinda ended the shower…

So, we had a shower in our livingroom the next morning!


So, thankful for our church family. The ladies were such a huge blessing to us!


Lily, was thrilled about all the stuff she got! ;)


I’ll end with an answer to prayer:

Elijah, is off two of his medications and is currently still symptom-free! He’s going to see the paediatrician next Monday, and hopefully we can get him off another med or two. :)

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  1. Grandma loves this blog! I love you all and I wonder what you think of my white (grey) hairs?


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