Thursday, December 15, 2011

Just When I Started Blogging Again…

Just when I started to get back into blogging mode, I dropped my laptop. Dropped my laptop on my new ceramic (read: stone-like) kitchen floor. I dropped my laptop while I was moving it to KEEP IT SAFE from the kids. Can you tell that I’m still mad at myself??? I dropped it a week ago. Thankfully, after spending a small fortune, we were able to get everything off the hard drive. But… the screen was shattered and the laptop itself- is toast. (Insert crying smiley here)

Later that night, Jeddy came over to me and said, “I just can’t say it!!!”

I asked him what he was talking about, and said, “Oh, just a Christmas present I’m going to get you!”

I said, “Oh yeah?”

“Yeah! I’m going to buy you somethin’ but Dad’s gonna pay for it. Cause I don’t have enough money…”

Me: “Does Dad know about this?”

Jeddy: “No. But I’m gonna tell him!”

I love that kid.

So, I promise that there will be some pictures of Lily and the house soon- but they’re waiting on Scott getting my PC up and running again.

DSC_0034 copy

But for now…

On a brighter note- we are done school for Christmas break! We ended today with a debate- Who’s Smarter: Women or Men?

Keona is getting into debating now. It was always one of my favourite parts of Jr High… when we got to debate! So, we started her off debating her Dad- just for fun and good practice! Keona sat on the couch across from Scott, and we had the triplets and Elijah as an audience. The debate went back and forth with points such as, “All the greatest inventors were men!” to… “Who were homeschooled by their MOMS…” ha! Followed by a list of great minds who were taught by women. (You go girl!)

Anyhow, eventually Scott started to pull ahead and Keona was running out of arguments. That’s when the triplets jumped in… Scott had 4 girls arguing with him at the same time! I’m laughing just picturing it in my head… They are passionately debating their points, while Elijah sits on the couch across from them with his fingers pinched in front of his eyes saying, “Squish, squish, squish!” The kid was pretending to squish his sisters…

Then the argument got into Adam and Eve and Scott made the point that Eve was deceived and not Adam. The girls started to argue it and Elijah shouts over all four of his sisters, “Read your Bible!”

Oh man, this, after Scott saying that the feminist movement was dead (as a joke about something) and Charity piping up, “No, it’s not!” I explained to her what the feminist movement was today…

They crack me up. I had to laugh today while Scott was in the livingroom with seven (SEVEN!) women! These girls love their Dad, and I am loving their personalities, and seeing their own opinions form on things as they grow up.


Lily, is doing extremely well. She is now fitting into all of her newborn-sized outfits. She does however, refuse to sleep in her crib. I can’t complain though. I can’t really blame her either. Technically, she would still be in the belly- so she has an excuse! :)

Ella, who we worried about being jealous. Isn’t jealous at all so far. Possessive of “her baby”- yes. But jealous- no.


Scott, went out grocery shopping today and came home with a princess costume for Ella. And a tiara to top it off.


He tried to put the tiara on her several times but I guess he wasn’t doing it right, cause she took it out of his hands and said, “Just let Mom do it!” Once I had put it on, she ran back over to him with her big puckered lips and gave him a big I-love-you-daddy kiss on the cheek!


P.S. Have I mentioned lately that I hate our cats? Anyone want to take them off our hands??? Free to a good home! ;)

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  1. I adore that picture of Ella Lily!

    Wow, Scott is brave to purposefully argue with a bunch of little women. It never occurred to me to teach my kids to debate. I guess I never really cared for it myself. Hmmm... I suppose it's better to learn to debate than to just develop the skill of arguing on your own. :)


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