Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Point Form…

I’m blogging in point form because I’m tired and I don’t feel like trying to make a post “flow” tonight.

  - In the last two months, I’ve spent a  night (or several nights) in the hospital with three of my children. Most recently, Elijah. Elijah, who at almost 8 years old, had only ever seen a doctor for a regular check up.  He had an asthma attack, and had to stay over night in the paediatric ward of the hospital. His O2 level was at 85% when we got to the ER. They rushed him right in- no 6 hour wait for us! He barely had any energy at all when we got there, but after the meds (and steroids) kicked in, the kid couldn’t stop smiling! Not to mention that Elijah, Lily, and I got our own room and at 10pm at night, the nurse rolled in a TV and xbox 360. I don’t know whether the xbox, or the elevator ride on a stretcher was the highlight of his stay. Or maybe it was the chest xray. Or the fact that they serve coffee with breakfast in the paed wing??? I didn’t let him drink it…

Ah yes, the joy of hospital stays. It was quite the reminder of how thankful I should be for my kids’ health.


- We had friends over for homemade poutines. Scott cooked. JosieAnne and I decided that next time they come over, Scott and Marcel can cook, while we paint!

- We went to the seniors’ home for our Christmas service. Rita, must have pulled Elijah’s head in (Elijah, who is very standoff-ish- doesn’t even like hugs!) and she rubbed noses with him over and over again! I was extremely proud of him for being polite and not running away from her. :) Ernie came down to see the kids even though he isn’t doing so well these days. He gave them all quarters and hugs. Lily and Ella got more kisses than I could count! Everyone was quite excited to meet Lily for the first time- she was a hit! One old lady ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at her while Keona had her and kept saying, “Oh, isn’t he cute!” When Keona corrected her and said, “She’s a girl.” The lady responded with, “Oh, don’t worry. He’ll grow another eye soon!”

We love our seniors!


- We teased the triplets that they’re like a zoo attraction. “ Look! It’s triplets! Come see this! They’re identical!” Said a group of nurses as they walked by… Then they all proceeded to walk over and touch them and talk about them. Ha!


- I still haven’t edited my photo session of Lily… It’s kinda hard to do without a mouse. Hopefully, Scott will hook up my PC this week. *Hint, hint* ;)

-This may sound incredibly frivolous, but I miss my laptop. I miss my perfectly calibrated screen; my files and filing system; a mouse to use while I edit photos; my laptop… Still very angry with myself.

- As I was cutting Jed’s hair tonight, I said, “I need you to turn this way, hun. Look at me.” To which he replied, “Sure! I like looking at you. You’re pretty!” This kid is going to be a serious charmer…

- Ella’s new favourite phrases, “Oh man!” “Stink!” (Kinda like ‘shoot!’ or ‘darn!’- but she says ‘stink!’) “What!?!?” When she thinks something is crazy… and “No way!” She has also learned to roll her eyes, and has decided that she’s too old to go in the nursery.


-  It’s “weird” that my body makes milk “like a cow.”  According to Elijah…


-My little brother slept over last night and we all played Quelf. A game in which I had to do a square dance while singing, pretend to be a stand up comedian, end every sentence I said with “izzle”, and smell Prayer’s shoe.

Fun stuff!


- Eve and I finished making the wreaths that I started about… 2 months ago? I’m pretty happy with them. Less than $15 for both of them. They may be too plain? They will have to do for this year!


- Keona is getting too big, too fast. Just had to buy her a women’s small in pyjamas… Tomorrow night, she goes to a youth Christmas party with her friends. I’m old…


- I am finished my Christmas shopping! Can’t wait for the weekend… 3 more sleeps! :)


Check out those cheeks! Baby is gaining weight!

P.S. She smiles cause she is in my bed again… I’m sure of it!


  1. Lily is so beautiful.. I just want to squeze her and kiss those chubby cheeks! have a great Chrstmas..God bless

  2. so many things to comment on, i don't know where to start.

    love lily's smile!

    so thankful that elijah is well. not being able to breathe is such a scary, painful thing. i'm glad that it was a good hospital experience for him.

    jed is very smart. his mama IS very pretty indeedy!!!

    my kids have never seen triplets before. we have some friends that are twins but they are not identical. i think they would probably stare for a while and think it was pretty cool... then they would most likely talk about all the "tricks" they could play on people.

    nice wreaths! i like them when they are not too overdone.

    it's super hot here today. i can't believe Christmas is only 2 days away! i would love to have a short blast of your winter weather.



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