Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve & Day

We started the tradition of opening gifts on Christmas Eve 12 Christmases ago! I think that originally, it was just out of impatience, as Scott and I both couldn’t wait to give eachother gifts… but over the years, it has worked out quite well for our family. We always call it a pyjama day, and just open gifts from eachother. Then, the kids get to open all the other presents from grandparents and aunts on Christmas Day.


I expected to be woken up early, and I was! But not how I expected… I was up at 5am, feeding Lily when I heard someone else in the hallway. I peeked out my door and saw Prayer coming out of the bathroom. She looked a little odd from a distance, so I called her over- her eye was swollen to the size of a ping pong ball and she couldn’t even open it. Jeddy, had pink eye earlier that week- we thought that we had successfully rid the house of it. Apparently not… I gave her some warm compresses for her eye and sent her back to bed. It did look much better in the morning, but she still tried to hide it in all the pictures!


I didn’t hear kids again until about 8am. Even then, they were playing quietly in their rooms! Scott ran out to Shopper’s to get some eye drops, while I fed the kids breakfast so that we could open gifts as soon as he got home. :)

We began with each of us thanking God for something. Ella, was thankful for “all her presents!”

christmas eve1

We  kept it pretty simple this year. Money was not in abundance after a big move. The boys got Lego sets, like they asked for. Eve, also got Lego along with some scarves from Ella. Keona, got a jewellery box and some jewellery to go with it. A gorgeous jewellery box that we found on kijiji for less than we planned to spend! She also got a Bath and Body Works set. She’s such a preteen…

christmas eve2 

Charity, has wanted a guitar for years now. We looked, but decided we couldn’t spend that much money this year. I prayed about it and kept my eye out on kijiji. We had a budget of $25 each, and I found a brand new- still in the box- student guitar for $25!!! We tricked her by just giving her a dollar store basket with a pair of sunglasses and a hair band- she thought that was what her dad had bought her! She was just a tad bit excited when he pulled out the guitar. :) Ella, got dollies like she had asked for from her big sister. All the girls got some jewellery from mom and dad. Prayer got her easel- another kijiji find! We tricked her as well, and just wrapped the giant roll of paper for the easel and said that she could roll it out on the floor… The easel was hidden behind the couch. ;)


I love my kids. There’s nothing quite like watching the joy on their faces as they open presents. AND presents that they picked out for eachother…

Scott spent the next 3 hours helping to assemble Lego sets. I took care of Lily, helped Charity tune her guitar, and hung out with the girls. We ate pizza for dinner and relaxed in our new pjs, in front of the fireplace, in our new home. I am feeling extremely blessed this Christmas Eve.


On Christmas Day, I stayed home from church because of the colds my kids had, the pink eye, and Elijah’s asthma acting up. 

We had family and friends over for dinner…


This doesn’t even show the kids’ table!

I didn’t take many pictures- but I guarantee that we enjoyed the day. Aunt Gail, kept Lily more than content (Fast asleep!) while I cooked. Scott, played PS3 hockey with Adam, James, and Robbie. They were LOUD! Well, mostly James… He is hilarious! We love James and Tracy. I’m so glad they were able to come! My sister, mom, and mom in law, were a huge help in the kitchen. Not to mention, Eve! She took everyone’s drink orders and filled their glasses. Uhh… cups. ;) The girls played cards with great grandpa- Keona was quite excited when she actually beat him at a game of crazy 8s!


I am so very, very thankful for all of our family, and adopted family this Christmas!

God’s been good.


Off to Wasaga Beach tomorrow, to spend the day with more family! And no, despite what Jeddy and Ella may try to tell you- we are NOT going to be building sand castles or going swimming at the beach! :P


  1. What a great Christmas. You are right they are so wonderful with the kids and your special Christmas baby. She is so precious I love that newborn face. What is Kijiji? I am guessing it is a deal site. I use tosty and find cute baby girl dresses for cheap.

  2. What a fabulous weekend! Kijiji... must go check out what you're talking about. :)


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