Monday, October 31, 2011


I just had to read my last blog post, to see where I left off. It has been that long. Again. In reality, it seems even longer. Ha!


Thankfully, our house is SOLD! It has been sold for a while now, but it still feels good to say! Smile We have returned all of the staging furniture and decor to my amazing friend, Stef. All of that beautiful decor, that I was terrified my kids were going to break, or draw on, or something like that. It all survived! My children made it through with only 3 changes of clothing, and 1 church outfit! We put the rest of the clothing and dressers in my parent’s garage until the move. Which reminds me, I should really take a picture of their garage before we move everything out. It is packed!

30 days, until this is our new home…


I don’t want to share a whole lot of pictures from inside until we move there, and it’s our stuff in the house- but I have to share the picture of my new kitchen. Cause really, I walked into the kitchen, and I was sold on the house…


And this picture doesn’t even really do it justice. It is so much brighter in person!

The most amazing thing in all this, is that we’ve seen God work through this entire situation. We didn’t even realize until AFTER we bought this house and got the floor plans, that it is the model we were looking at having built a year ago. A year ago, when we decided NOT to go ahead with things because we just knew it was us pushing it along, and it wasn’t God’s timing. We waited for His go ahead, and got what we had asked for to begin with! There have been so many little answers to prayers along the way… I have prayed for a long time, that God would prepare the perfect house for when He was ready to move us. This house is exactly what we would have asked for (had we even known what to ask for) and so much more! I have a fireplace this Christmas! And not just any fireplace… but one with a big, gorgeous, white mantle like I have always wanted. God pays attention to details… and like any loving Father, He knows His children well.

This house is truly, an undeserved answer to prayer. We are looking forward to using it for His glory!

30 days!!!

Speaking of countdowns, only 41days until baby arrives! Maybe less…

See, I had my c section scheduled… but then my doctor just found out that she needs to have surgery! Which means I’ll be switching OBs, and possibly dates. I will find out tomorrow at my appointment.

I was planning to make everyone Christmas hats, scarves, mittens etc. this year, and do some fun photos of the kids in red and white… but then, I didn’t. I DID make a pair of mittens though! Well actually, I made a mitten. Yes, one mitten- and then I ran out of that yarn. I had altered the pattern to make it slightly larger, and a week later when I got more yarn and went to make the other one- I forgot that I had altered the pattern. Sooo… Ella, has two slightly different looking mittens. You can’t really tell. Unless you look at them…

I am finishing up the photos of a sweet little family, and of a recent wedding I shot, getting the CDs out- and then I’m done for the year! Done with other people’s pictures anyhow. Hopefully, that will leave me with the drive to take some of my own family! Though I did take some of the kids recently…

kids copy

And one of my little brother…


I took some more of my kids as well, but I’m saving them for our Christmas card! I just need one of the baby. :) So, the cards may be a little late…

Speaking of which, I wanted to make a hat for the baby’s photo, but since we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy, I have to make one of each! We still don’t have a name picked out for this little one either… Yikes. Well, if you asked Scott, he would say that he has names picked out. But I disagree… We are having some issues on this topic. Names, and whether or not the bedroom window stays open when it’s sub zero temps…

I have rambled enough. This is what happens when I don’t blog often… Ok, one more story and then I’m done!

My girls, (and boys actually) are readers. They love to read, and most of the time, they even love to read to their younger siblings. So in turn, Ella has become a reader. The other day, she was sitting beside me on the couch flipping through one of her favourite books, when she turned to me and said, “I wish I could be in this book. I wish it was real, and I could be in it.” I remember feeling that way about stories I read when I was a teenager!

I said one more… but I lied. Last week, in the middle of the night, I heard, “Mom…” Which worried me a bit, cause it was Jed’s voice. Last time I heard him say my name in the middle of the night, I looked out into the hallway to see him covered in blood from a nosebleed, and I spent the next half an hour cleaning blood off of everything. I reluctantly opened one eye and saw him standing right in front of me. No blood… Phew!

“I love you…”

That’s all he said.

Then, he walked back to bed.

That kid melts me.


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