Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Little Buddy

Jeddy, turned 5 last weekend.

He has been counting down the days, since there were over 90 to go.

On Friday, I took him out for his birthday treat. Usually, the kids go out for breakfast with Dad for their birthdays- but Jed insisted on going out with Mom. For ice cream. So, off to Baskin Robins we went! He ordered his own cone of cotton candy flavoured ice cream, and decided that we should sit at one of the tables to eat. He sat there almost silently the entire time, just enjoying his treat. (A very different experience from taking one of the girls out!)

We went to Walmart and he helped me lift the cat litter into the cart. When we got up to the checkout, he walked right up to the cashier, and said, “Can you just scan this so my mom doesn’t have to lift it again, please?” Completely unprompted. I don’t know how he even knew to ask for something to be “scanned.”

He still helps me cook every chance he gets. He holds the doors open for me and his sisters. He loves light sabers and toads. His favourite food is pasta- but NOT lasagna. He likes building lego ships with his big brother, and he dances with his little sister. He even “dips” her…

He asks me atleast once a day, “Can I help you with somethin’ Mom?”

He’s five- and no longer in my toddler class at church…



A little birthday party at Nana and Papa’s on Sunday…


I could not be more proud of my little, Jedidiah.

Happy Birthday, bud!

I love you.


Yes, I also had a birthday last week- I’m waiting until after this Friday when my hubby and I go out for my birthday date to post pics! I’ll have to squeeze a very overdue belly one in there… :) 10 weeks to go!!!


  1. Happy 5th Birthday, Jeddy! What a gentleman! And 5... wow, that is a milestone birthday!

  2. Hi jaclyn. I am sooo thrilled to find your blog again. I lost my list of 'favorites' and was missing your blog for several months so today when your name popped up on my fb sidebar i was like, "thank you Jesus."

    You probably don't remember me but several yrs ago i had ordered several hats from you and you were so kind and had actually given me an infant hat because of your care of my miscarriages i had had. All that to say, this May God blessed us with a beautiful baby daughter and what a JOY to us she is and what a JOY to wear that little hat on her. We got soo many comments about that hat and several nurses at the hospital wanted me to link them to your website so they could order some. I'm not seeing the link so i'm wondering if maybe you are not making them anymore? I would order another one for my little girl too if you are still doing it as she has outgrown the infant one. I'd like to buy several to give away as gifts. I would appreciate you letting me know as you have the time.... on here or my email is THanks and blessings to you and your sweet family today. Rachel H.


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