Friday, September 30, 2011

Excuses, Excuses…


My excuse for not blogging during September…



Our house… is actually… for sale!

We have spent the last month; painting, cleaning, purging, moving, staging, more cleaning, more painting, and finally- showing! It has been a whirlwind- let me just say that…

That, and I never want to see another paint brush again. Ever…

We bought this house when I had just turned 19. We have been here for 9 years this October! This is the only home that 6 of our kids remember. We have so many memories here…

That being said, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to move!!! We are praying that we can be settled into a new home before the baby arrives.

The baby who now has a scheduled birthday… December 11th it is!!!

Even though baby is currently measuring over two weeks ahead of schedule… My OB is pleased with how the  pregnancy is going, and my only restriction (when she heard we were planning to move) is NO lifting.


So, if my blogging remains sporadic for a little while longer- forgive me. I’m probably chasing my kids around, nagging them to keep the house in perfectly-spotless condition, just in case we have a showing… 

Tonight, we spent an hour at the library while people were checking out our house. I told the kids “two books each”- we left with about 40… Oh well, it should give them something to do since the majority of their books and toys are currently packed up and in my parents’ garage…


And just because blogs are more fun with pictures…

Our church had a “picture day” this past Sunday, and though I took the pictures- here’s a quick one of my family that I snapped with my remote.


I saw a sign recently on “Pinterest” that read:

“Getting everyone out of the house should be considered an Olympic event.”

I agree.

Especially on Sunday mornings.


So no… we didn’t even co-ordinate or look all that great for “Picture Day"…

Oh well.

Scott and I didn’t kill eachother either though we came close… while trying to get 7 kids ready for an entire day out at church, while leaving the house in perfect condition for a showing, and all before 8am.

So, I consider it a successful day anyhow.

And one more funny- just cause it made me laugh…

Last night, I was sitting downstairs replying to some emails during the kids’ reading time. When I heard Ella yell, “You’re SO mean!” as she stomped her little feet out into the hallway. Someone said something else, and I heard her take a few steps back and scream, “You’re the meanest one!!!” Then, at the very top of her lungs she finished it off with, “EVER!!!” As she stormed down the hallway and into her room…

A little dramatic, perhaps?

I was sure that she was unhappy with one of the triplets, as she always refers to them in a group… But apparently, it was Keona. Still not sure all of what was going on, but it sure gave me a good laugh. That child is going to be a true drama queen.


Ugh… and now my useless old cat is sitting here, staring at a spider on the wall, meowing at it. She use to kill them. Now she just meows and watches them walk by. Both of my insect-killers are asleep. So, looks like I’m going to have to take care of it.

Hopefully I’ll be back before another month passes by!

Hopefully, with pictures of a new house!!! Winking smile


P.S. 72 days til baby!

P.P.S. Anyone want to buy our house??? :)


  1. WOW!!! So much excitement in your lives :). December 11 is my Mom's birthday too. I thought that was neat. Don't worry, if you have a girl you DO NOT have to name her after my Mom..LOL. I hope your house sells soon. Where are you looking to buy?
    You family pic looks awesome! No need to coordinate when everyone has such a beautiful smile :).
    BTW We have a family coming to our church with 7 children... no multiples. The oldest is 10. They remind me SO much of you guys!

  2. oh wowzers, i can't believe you are keeping your house in showroom condition right now. you totally deserve a gold medal, jac! praying that your house sells quickly. can't wait to see your beautiful baby!


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