Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It’s August 31st.

Tomorrow is the first day of September. Which means… 3 months to go!

I am by nature, a numbers person. Today, I quoted my 4th grade bike lock combination to Keona. I can tell you every phone number of every best friend I’ve ever had, and I create a countdown to almost everything without even thinking about it, in my head. Call me crazy… Keona did.

I am also a planner. I like to plan something way ahead of time, mark it on the calendar, prepare for that date, and then count down the days while looking forward to it. Maybe that’s where Jeddy gets it from?

6 more days til school…

11 more days til Jeddy’s 5th birthday…

7 more til mine…

16 until the Blue Jays vs Yankees game…

93 til baby…

Did I mention that I may have a slight case of OCD?

Which wouldn’t be such a big deal, if it didn’t cause me such problems when things don’t go as planned. Or when I can’t plan things. Or when there is no way of knowing what is coming next, if anything at all.

It doesn’t seem like that long ago, that I was blogging about Scott finishing Bible college and us praying about where God would have us go from there. Now, we’re praying about what’s next. I’m not ready to share too many details yet- but let’s just say Scott has a big dream. I completely share this dream with him, but like I said… I want to plan, and be practical, and analytical… And well… God doesn’t usually work that way. I’m learning a big lesson on faith right now- relying completely on Him. Because right now, none of it is in my control.

I’m so thankful that He has a plan for us, a countdown in His timing, and that He is preparing us perfectly for the job He has in store.

Speaking of Jeddy, (kind of…) he was watching a movie of his choice in the basement with Ella and Elijah the other day while the girls and I sorted through this years’ school stuff when he came wandering up the stairs. He climbed up next to me on the couch, put one arm around me and the other on my belly, and said, “I love you, Mom.” Just like that. Then, he hopped back down and wandered back down to the basement to finish watching his movie. How could I NOT want another boy???


Speaking of school stuff… we are finally ready to go! I’m excited to have some routine back in our lives, the kids are excited about their brand new notebooks, and freshly sharpened pencils… but what I think we’re all most excited about…

I invested in some old, character-building novels for literature this year. Twenty-seven of them, to be exact. All written in the 1700’s and 1800’s.


I have had to guard them under lock and key to keep my girls from getting into them and reading them before the school year! Our plan is to read one together each month. It may work out to be more than one a month- we’ll see how it goes.


I have a feeling that we may be doing some extra reading while we are on our extended Christmas break in December… ;)


Ah, how I love feeling my baby kick.


Remembering to slow down and enjoy the moment,



P.S. All my kids made it home safe from camp. No tornadoes- praise the Lord!

P.P.S. Yes, I always gain 60-70lbs. With every pregnancy… :/


  1. Ooooo, those books look so exciting :). I know what you mean about planning. I'm a huge planner too, and I don't do to well when I can't see the outcome! But, God wants us to live by faith right? Thankfully we planners can rest in HIS perfect plan! Praying for you and all your "plan-making" ;).

  2. You make me laugh, my weird counting friend!

    And ooooo and ahhhhh to your Lamplighter books! I have a bunch of them that I adore and my boys will not read. *sigh* They are totally missing out. One of my favorites is Ishmael by EDEN Southworth. What an inspiring book!


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