Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Baseball, Boxes, and Benches!

Last Friday, Keona turned 11. Hard to believe my baby is getting so close to her teen years! She spent the day at a St. John’s ambulance course, and became certified to babysit. She has a little card for her wallet and everything! Not that I’ll be leaving her at home with all of her siblings any time soon… But I will feel more confident about it when the time comes.

While she was out for the day, Robbie and I went out to pick up her present. It was an amazing find on kijiji, and she was more than a little surprised when she walked into the livingroom to find it sitting there waiting for her!




Scott told me to take it for a spin when Robbie and I arrived home with it- I declined.

On Saturday, we took Keona, the triplets, Elijah, Robbie, and the girls’ friends Somiya and Aislinn, to a Blue Jays game. I didn’t realize that we wouldn’t be able to see the jumbotron from our seats. The upside- we were in the shade, and a ‘no alcohol’ section! Elijah paid attention through the whole game and learned alot about baseball. The girls on the other hand, when asked if they enjoyed the game- replied, “We enjoy the food!”…


Speaking of baseball, the kids have wanted to play it every time we go outside! Except Keona, she’s busy riding her new bike… Anyhow, tonight I told Elijah and Jed that I would play with them after dinner. After pitching a few to Jeddy, Elijah wanted to try and pitch to him. He threw one underhand, and Jed just missed it. He threw one overhand, and Jed got it right in the mouth. Did I mention that we were practicing with a softball because Elijah is going to play a game with one this weekend? Ugh… Bad idea, Mom! It bled. He decided to ride his bike after that…


Can you guess what time of year it is???

That’s right, preparing for back to school time! I think that we had a package arrive almost everyday last week, full of curriculum. There were still 3 more boxes to come after I took this picture. BUT… we’re almost set! I’m still on the look out for a good wall map of Canada, and possibly one of the world as well. I’ll need to pick up some binders, pencils, erasers, etc... But the big stuff, is taken care of! What a relief. Especially since I made alot of changes to our curriculum this year. I’m looking forward to sharing our Literature books in a post soon. :)


Last but not least, this table was an $8.99 Value Village find. This same table that we found both of our cats locked in one morning. BOTH cats, locked in the table, with a handful of food… And of course, no one did it! We eventually found out that our first guess, was correct. Our little animal lover, thought that it would make a good cage for the cats. Atleast he remembered to give them some food!

Ok.. back to my before picture. Yes, before! I just refinished this table, and am so pleased with the results! Now, I just need to paint over the hideous colour currently in my livingroom, and it will look right at home!

BTW- both of our cats are fine… :)

Oh, and as for the “benches” part- the bench with all of the boxes sitting on it, is my next refinishing project. Is it too early to be nesting?


124 days to go until baby!

Jeddy wanted a number…


  1. 124 days! that's not too far away.

    hit in the mouth with a ball-- ouch! will it make him never want to play again?

    wow, what a great deal on that cabinet!

    and curriculum... i think i have everything i need for next year. but i can't remember what all i packed. i guess it'll be like christmas this weekend when we move in to our new place and unpack our things!

  2. I always love checking in with your family !!! We have five incredible children and have been home schooling the past 18 years :) Our eldest two daughers are married and we are expecting our first grandchild in November (GOD IS GOOD) !! I still home schooling our two youngest children (gr. 7 & gr. 9). If you're looking for some good maps of Canada and the World, Costco has laminated ones !!!!

  3. Haha I was about to suggest Costco too for wall maps. My cousin-in-law saw those same wall maps at a Scholar's Choice for $19.99 and the ones at Costco were under $10.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Keona!!!! Eleven years old! Time goes by so quickly :)! It seems like just yesterday she was a 5 year-old kindergartener sitting in my class. Great memories :). I love the look on her face when she saw the bike. That picture is truly worth a thousand words! Blessings to you all!


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