Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend in Wasaga


We left early last Friday morning and headed to Wasaga Beach for the Wolfrey’s family reunion. The last one, was almost 11 years ago- Keona was just a few weeks old at the time! Our family may have grown just a bit since then… ;)


We stopped and did some shopping on the way out. Snacks at Walmart, sandals at Reebok… Mostly, because our 3 year old thought that it was OK to wear these…


Yep, two different flip flops. We didn’t notice until we were 2 hours away from home. We’ve since learned that she lost the other shoe for BOTH pairs! How does that happen??

We drove around Scott’s old neighbourhood and played at the park by our hotel for a bit, then we decided to head up to the beach. It was Friday afternoon, 29 degrees, and threatening rain- the beach by Scott’s uncle’s house, was EMPTY! It was so nice to just sit back, relax, and enjoy an empty beach for a while with our family.


I sat back on my blanket and enjoyed the view, while the kids built sand castles and played in the water.




We went out for dinner with Scott’s family that night, took the kiddos swimming at the hotel until 10:30 at night… and then slept!

Saturday, was the reunion at Steve and Sarah’s house and it was gorgeous! Talk about a dream backyard. I wish I had taken some pictures of it. Jeddy loved it because there was a pond- and where there’s a pond… there are usually toads! He found a little toad by the pond, and Aunt Sarah suggested he throw it in the water instead of carrying it around and scaring all the aunts! As soon as he threw it in the water, a big fish came up and ate it! My poor little toad-whisperer, was devastated… Thankfully, his sisters distracted him by finding another one!


Totally off topic, but funny nonetheless- at the hotel on Friday, Jeddy says, “Mom, I think I’m going to like the baby in your tummy.”

I said, “Of course you will! You’ll LOVE the baby. You guys will be friends.”

To which he replies, “ I don’t think so. I’m only friends with people who look good. And like, have good hairdos…”

After I stopped laughing, I explained to him that we love everyone and that we don’t choose our friends because of how they look…

No clue where he got that idea!


Apparently, Elijah “looks good enough” to be his friend…

The kids had a great time playing with their cousins all day- Keona got to play chess, Charity got to play Scrabble, Scott and I got to chat with his cousins and relax while the kids entertained eachother, the food was great, the beach was all family, it was an amazing day!

sarah and steve

Big thanks to Uncle Steve and Aunt Sarah for hosting all of us!


Along with everyone else who put so much work and planning into it. Our family had a blast!

We ended the day by watching a gorgeous sunset on the beach.

DSC_0663 copy

After I took this picture, Ella said, “Let me see!”

She looked at the screen, and exclaimed, “Perfect!”

I think she may have some self-esteem issues…


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  1. that picture IS perfect!

    i love how colorful your family looks in the water. :) how are you feeling?


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