Tuesday, July 12, 2011

June Update

What happened in June?

Hmm… Well, I spent most of the month feeling pretty sick and dealing with an extremely low haemoglobin. So…  not all that much! I mean, we still did stuff.

Keona, was up for a major change. She decided to donate her ponytail to a foundation similar to Locks of Love. I was going to cut her hair myself- but I chickened out! So off to the salon we went! :)






The ponytail…

All 11 inches of it!


It took me a while to get over how much older she looked! She loves her new style!

Keona also had her piano recital in June!


She did an excellent job. Months of listening to her practice “Jesus Loves Even Me” paid off! Though the next day when she sat down at the piano and started playing it- I insisted on any song but that… She understood! ha..

Not only are we losing our violin teacher next year- but Keona’s piano teacher will also be leaving! The Leveille family will be starting deputation as missionaries to Quebec. We’ll miss her for sure!

We went to parks, and water parks…


We went to Wonderland with some friends and my siblings! This year, the girls rode almost everything! Keona, went on Behemoth, and the new ride “Windseeker!” Windseeker goes up 301 feet into the air and spins around giving you an amazing view. Elijah, was a little nervous about his sister going on it- so you can imagine how upset he got when the ride got stuck halfway down and 20 mechanics showed up to try and fix it. “I told you she shouldn’t have gone on that ride!!!” Anyhow, they got down eventually, and even got a free line bypass onto any ride because of the inconvenience! While they all went on a water ride, Jeddy, Ella, and I ate cotton candy. :)

We tricked Jeddy and Ella into standing on the bridge where you get soaked by the log ride- Jeddy cried. Ella thought it was hilarious. Poor Jeddy… The very first ride we got to was a roller coaster and he pointed to it saying, “I want to go on the plane ride!” OK… so into the line up with my sister he went. It wasn’t until they were almost on the ride, that I noticed the little kiddie plane ride he was talking about behind the roller coaster! Oops… He survived- but it was the only big ride he went on!

OH! I can’t believe that I almost forgot to mention how our day at Wonderland all began! We were all rushing to the entrance gate to get in before the lines got too long and Eve was piggy backing Ella like she always does. They were walking about 5 feet in front of me when I saw Eve trip, and they both began to fall forward. It was seriously like watching it in slow motion. There was nothing I could do, and I had visions of Eve putting her hands out to catch herself and Ella going flying over Eve’s head… But that’s not how it happened. Instead, Eve didn’t put her hands out. She kept her arms tightly wrapped around her sister’s legs so as not to let her fall! Eve caught the entire impact of the fall, on her forehead. Ella rolled off her back without a scratch, and as I ran over, Eve screamed and started to lift her head- that’s when I saw a toonie-sized chunk of skin stuck to the pavement and the long hair, which was still attached, blowing in the wind… It was nasty. She’s wearing a hat in the picture, so you can’t see the gauze, but our very first stop of the day, was first aid.

Ella, owes her one. Big time…


Camera phone pic at the end of a very long day!


Oh, and Elijah still screamed, “I’m dying!!!” in complete horror as he went down Timberwolf falls…


That’s about it for June. Don’t worry- I plan to share about my two cats getting locked in an end table, (any guesses on who did it?) and our “Day Like No Other” later on this week.

Stay tuned…

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  1. She looks great and short hair make cute pony tail you can flip at with your fingers. Looks like you all are having a great summer. Well with the exception of all day sickness but soon will be second trimester!


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