Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Bad news: I have once again, failed at my 365.

Good news: Things are now feeling back to normal.


Thank you for the comments and emails asking if everything was okay. Everything is fine! Unfortunately, with a very different schedule, finishing up the school year, recitals, church events, and other activities… the blog has just taken a major backseat.

As of this week, Scott is back on night shift. (Insert a sigh of relief from both of us) I think we’ve both realized how much we appreciate mornings together as a family and Fridays off!  So here I sit, kids in bed reading, with my blogging and reading time back!

What have we been doing for the past 3 weeks?

Diagramming sentences, algebra, geometry, long division, long vowels, book reports, science experiments… We are now down to the last 3 days of school! My oldest daughter, is graduating grade 6!? Crazy.

We have plans for Wonderland in “both hands and one foot, minus one finger” days. Jed is counting down the sleeps…


Ella, who was terrified to even sit in a swing, now loves going as high as I can push her. She screams, “Weeeeeeee! This is SO fun!!!!” at the top of her lungs. She is ready for Wonderland!


Eve, did wonderfully at her violin recital. I was one proud Mama! She got up there in the midst of classical songs, and played “Cripple Creek.” (Think, fiddler…) I’m going to post the video!

This, is why I have missed blogging so much… I don’t remember the funny stories from 2 weeks ago!

Charity, is my official rice cooker. Keona, makes some amazing cornbread now- and yesterday, I taught Robbie to make biscuits. They were some fat biscuits- but they were good!

DSC_0152 copy

Last time Charity made biscuits, she accidentally measured the salt in ‘tablespoons’ instead of ‘teaspoons’… Yeah… other than that- they were perfect! I love that the kids love to cook. I see a day coming, eventually, when I won’t have to cook. Maybe… I can dream…

Well, I won’t ramble on forever in order to catch up- I’ll save some fun stuff for tomorrow!


  1. oh yay for being back! i've missed you!!!

    biscuits look yummy. kids are adorable. routine is always nice. talented musician!

  2. Glad you guys are doing well. 365 is harder than people would think. And sometimes it just feels like a chore. I understand. I tried to catch up on 2 weeks on 365 and it was so daunting. And it is nice to blog to remember its just hard to find the time. Have a great day!


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