Wednesday, May 11, 2011





My three year old Ella-boo…


She was talking on the phone with her Dad today, and I listened to her repeat the same thing about 5 times. I guess she got tired of him not understanding her, so she huffed and said, “Listen to me!!!” And then went on with her story.

She has also learned how to use “Daddy.” For the most part, all of our kids have called us, “Mom” and “Dad”- However, Ella has recently started calling him “Daddy” when she’s asking for something. He looks at me as if he’s helpless! ha…

You’d think he’d be immune to it- her being the 5th girl and all!

Apparently not.

It doesn’t quite work the same way with me. This afternoon, she came running into the living room, out of breath, lightsaber in hand, and hid behind the couch I was sitting on. She checked the doorway to make sure her brothers weren’t coming, then looked at me and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t kill you.”


Gee… thanks.

I think?…


  1. haha! i love that expression she is making. i bet she is more fierce with a light saber in her hand.

    daddy's are such a pushover for baby girls. :)

  2. i hope everyone is healthy and ok in your neck of the woods...


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