Tuesday, May 10, 2011

124 to 131 - 2011



My husband’s version of a 365.

Prayer was dressed in a pretty… let’s say “funky” outfit to help take the garbage out and Scott decided that we needed a picture of it. I was busy at the moment, so he took one. Assuming that it was a decent shot, I didn’t bother to take another picture that day… oh well! ha! This picture is kinda like the past week- a blur!



My hunny bought me roses. When he was mad at me.

I forgot my camera was set to “monochrome.”



I had big plans to make Ella a “Rainbow Cake” for her birthday. Yesterday, she declared that she DID NOT want a rainbow cake- “Only a PINK cake!” How could I refuse? She just made my life so much easier.

Plus, I was finally getting to use my new cake stand!

A $2.00 metal candlestick, a $1.50 plate, + a can of white spray paint and some glue… I love Value Village!



Hard to believe that this is the only picture I took of her birthday party!

But seriously, she was one busy 3 year old! We got up bright and early to go shopping at Old Navy with my 50% off coupon. Then, Scott and I took her to get her “holes”- ears pierced. Which I did videotape… She didn’t shed a single tear! She barely even flinched! I was a tad bit worried, cause the night before she told me that she didn’t want to get holes anymore, cause it was going to hurt… She did great!

Then, she came home to a house full of streamers and balloons, thanks to her big sisters and Aunty Sarah and Adam. We did cake and presents, and then she went out again! This time, she went to Build-a-Bear, with Sarah. Even after all of this, she kept insisting that she WAS NOT tired…

I’ll have to do some portrait shots of my three year old (crazy!) this week…


moms day

Mother’s Day

We stopped at the grocery store on our way to church this morning, and no joke, every single man who came walking out of the store, had flowers in hand. The kids and I got a kick out of it. They plan to let me sleep in tomorrow, and I’m even hearing rumours of breakfast-in-bed… Winking smile




This morning, I woke up to my kids whispering in the hallway about letting me sleep in. Funny, how they wanted to let me sleep in, but every 5 minutes someone ran into my room to check if I was up yet! :) On my way downstairs, I was handed homemade cards, and a breakfast menu! Elijah, sat me down on the couch and pulled a piano bench over to me that had quite the assortment of candy on it. I told them that I would pass on the candy- they willing gobbled it up for me! Then, the girls made me a bowl of cereal and Elijah turned on my dining music- Patch the Pirate’s “Cherish the Moments”… It was sweet.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering, we’re not  standing on a bus like I originally thought on Jed`s card- it`s our van… :D




“Mom, there’s a hole in the wall upstairs!”

Apparently, Jeddy got upset when someone else was using the bathroom and he had to go- so he punched the wall. I’m still not sure how he managed to put a hole in it. He hit it with his hand, and his fist sits perfectly in the hole. I swear, our walls are not made of paper. The girls, claim it’s cause he eats so much broccoli. He didn’t get in trouble this time, cause he was honest and told me that he did it- plus, I think he was in just as much shock as I was that he had put a hole in the wall… Yikes! Just call him “Hulk”…

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the cake stand and the drawing of the bus er,I mean your van :)


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