Tuesday, May 3, 2011

114 to… something- 2011


Yes, we are still alive.

And no, I have not completely forgotten about my blog.

The past week has been filled with…


-helping kids practice songs for recitals

-preparing for quarter tests

-report cards

-piano lessons

-kids throwing up in the middle of the night




You know… nothing special. Nothing exciting. Just… life.

I was so used to blogging every night while I sat here by myself that I have to find a new routine. No complaints though. I LOVE having my hubby home every night! Maybe I’ll start blogging during lunch break? Though, I’m usually eating and marking school work then… ah, I’ll figure something out! :)


Until then, here is the past week in review…



I wanted a picture of all of my kids in their Easter colours. Apparently, they weren’t quite so interested. Especially Jed down in the front. Such is life. Then, my camera battery died. (my April photo of the kids)




We spent Monday at my grandparent’s house in Mississauga. My Grandma bought the kids all sorts of new clothes. In her words, she “can’t help herself when it comes to shopping for dresses!” Ella, doesn’t mind one bit! It will be fun trying to convince her this week that she cannot ride her tricycle in a giant, fluffy, “dancing”, church dress…

Did I mention that I let the boys play with my cell phone on the drive out, they killed the battery, and I didn’t bring my charger? Knowing that I was going to be driving home alone, at night, with all the kids, I figured I better grab a charger. I got robbed at the Bell store. Scott was not impressed.

The girls broke a pen in the van, my sister offered to fix it and had ink spill all over her and her purse. All this while Jeddy was yelling, “Look at the ginormous airplane!!!!” As we drove by the airport.

Then, Robbie wanted to arm wrestle everyone. I think I may retire while I’m ahead. He almost had me. I think Maryanne went easy on him… Smile with tongue out




I asked Ella if I could take her picture tonight. She wagged her finger at me as she said, “OK. Only ONE. OK?” I snuck in about 3 before she started giving me her crazy eyes.




Tonight, Scott jokingly said that he was going to lock me outside in the storm. (I can’t remember why) Jeddy, jumped to my rescue and said he would break the door down to let me in, while Elijah said he would leave me out there! “That way, I can play more video games with Dad!” When all the kids went to bed, I let Jeddy stay downstairs and have a bowl of ice cream. It pays to stick up for Mom!




Waking him up every night before I go to bed to get him to use the bathroom. That kid can sleep! It is a fight every night to pull him out of bed.




Elijah, wrote a story for school today about a squirrel- and kept spelling it “sqirrel”. When I asked him, “Elijah, what letter always comes after ‘Q’?” He replied, “R?”

It gave Scott and I a good laugh. Then I explained that I didn’t mean in the alphabet… he figured it out. :)

I forgot to mention that Elijah, was our winner for this quarter! He had the highest grades, with an average of 94.7%!!! We are quite proud of him, and he’s looking forward to a special dinner out with Dad. Actually, I’m proud of all of the kids! Everyone had an above 90% average.




Looks bad, right?

Not so much. She dropped a bottle of nail polish and it broke open. She was standing 2 inches in front of the couch. The bottle landed and spilt under the edge of the couch, somehow splashed up and got on her chin- but nothing got on the couch! Whew…



We’ve had sickies here, on and off all week. Everyone seemed fine today, just extra tired. I know that though I was excited to be at church, had fun with all the kiddos in the nursery, had a great lunch out with Scott’s parents for his Dad’s birthday, a wonderful banquet and evening service- I couldn’t wait for my head to hit the pillow again.


DSC_0237 copy 

My Prayer… “Mom, can I be your 365 today???” Wearing the new hat that I made this weekend. Loving the puff stitch! I shall try and be more creative next time. This was a practice go.

It was college graduation tonight, Scott and I planned to hit a few parties after the grad since his parents were watching the kids- but no such luck. His sore throat when we left home, got worse by the minute and then he had a nasty fever. We’re thinking strep throat and doctor’s first thing tomorrow morning.

We voted together for the first time tonight! And since this is my blog, I feel completely free to say this, “WOoohoooo!” Was so relieved to see a Conservative majority government. When I was a kid, my Grandpa would never discuss who he was going to vote for. I remember one year, my Grandma saying that she was going to vote for the Green party just “to try something different”… I can still see my Grandpa sitting in his chair shaking his head!




Strep throat, indeed.

Seriously hoping I don’t catch it…


  1. Mom says THANKS! Got my blog fix - love all the pics and stories and love all of you! Get some rest!

  2. Family first blogging when you can squeeze it in. I understand the sometimes long breaks between pots and I only have half of your bunch. You did a great job on the hat it looks really nice. And the Easter picture is such a keeper, so cute. Ice cream for your super son is precious.

  3. that kid pic with jed in the front-- love love love it!!! :)

    ick to strep throat. you had a really rough week, and yet you still manage to click and knit. wow.

    hooray for sticking up for mommy! i am glad you rewarded him. it will be something he remembers for a very long time.

  4. Good to have you back. But yeah, I do understand the need to disappear once in a while. :)

  5. ahhh...cannot tell you how much me and miya missed this..but totally understood. Just had to let u know, your stories were missed!
    (yay jed for sticking up for mommy!)oh and totally love the green hat...it would match my boots!


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