Friday, April 8, 2011



My 30 year old hubby!


We went to Swiss Chalet for dinner tonight after dropping the kids off at Scott’s parent’s house. When we were finished eating, Scott asked for the bill and the waitress told us that it had already been taken care of… Hmmm? Then I remember seeing the manager peek around the corner at us while she was on the phone, and we both figured that it must have been his dad. The waitresses came out and did this loud clapping/chanting Happy Birthday song for him with a piece of cake, it was great. We went back to his parent’s place to switch vehicles, and Scott’s dad asks him, “So, how was your dinner?”

Scott: Oh, it was great. We were sitting across from this couple, and they came out and started singing happy birthday to the guy and he was like, “Um… it isn’t my birthday…” So the waitress told them, “Oh, well someone paid for your meal!”

Ha… I think he may have had his dad for a second or two, then we all had a good laugh over it. :)

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