Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Like my striped socks?

Me too!

With my pyjama pants…


A few weeks ago, our Pastor and his family were away so we were having midweek service at Scott’s parent’s house and Scott was preaching. I got ready in a hurry- put on my black dress, teal cardigan, new necklace, and… ugh! I was out of nylons. (as per usual) I decided to just throw on my striped socks, since I was wearing my knee-high boots and no one would see them anyhow. Except, that I forgot we were going to a HOUSE and not the church. When we got there and I took off my boots- Scott had quite the laugh. I opted to go barefoot…


P.S. I wasn’t planning to take a photo of my socks, but it was 11:30pm and I realized that I hadn’t taken a 365… :)


  1. LOL... I wear wild and colourful socks all winter long inside my boots.


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