Tuesday, April 5, 2011



My little cutie. Or one of them, anyways!


I asked if I could take a few pictures of him- he asked if he could have a chocolate milk. I think he’s learning from his Uncle Robbie!

Busy day today! Diagramming sentences and geometry, piano lessons for the girls, a “gorilla lunch” (minus the crickets) as a part of science, post office runs, photo editing and crocheting, pizza for dinner, last Leaf game of the season and an early bedtime. Again.

Yep, still feeling sick. Scott, more so than me.

Today, Elijah broke Jed’s lego ship, so Jed broke Elijah’s game, so they started threatening to choke eachother… Where do they learn this stuff???

They didn’t actually try to choke eachother, but a fight did break out in my livingroom.

The girls never do this kinda thing!

I’m still getting used to this brother stuff, as the boys get older. They get along really well for the most part. I mean, when Elijah was going to his best friend’s birthday party- he was upset that Jeddy couldn’t go with him. But every once in a while, it’s like they just feel the need to duke it out. Then everything's fine again!


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  1. 8 years into my boyhood lessons now I am still surprised everyday. Its tough, it wonderful, its gonna make me gray.

    Glad you are feeling a little better hope that continues and no one else gets sick.


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